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Croctober Commissions [CLOSED]

on 13 October 2015 at 13:42:39 MDT

inked flat commissions, of yourself as a crocodile or an already existing crocodile OC. Comment to claim a spot.
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Comment for a slot:
-$50 USD
-full body
-completed before the end of October.
-$10 USD extra for adult content
-$15 USD extra for shading*


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    Love your art. Though you miiiight hate me because I personally find the smell of weed repugnant. (Then again, sensitive nose for bad smells, so grainna salt.)

    Also, notice you're into hypnosis. Ya do know that it can't be forced, that it can only work if the subject agrees? But I guess after a bit of thought, many of your subjects decide it's not so bad, so yeah ;3 Keep doing awesome stuff!

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    I really like your style, haven't seen a lot like it! (Also hello from a fellow trans person!)

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    Weediest of all shibes!

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    Just curious, Do you do any collabs are trades at all?

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    You draw some of the fluffiest things EVER and I love it. <3

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      thank you so much! ://3

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    WeedShibe sounds like the best kinda shibe tbh