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Rotarr / Housefly / Vienna

The Fly that swats back.
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
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Professional Feedback

The conceptartists tell me I have more of an animatiors style, the animation people tell me I am more like a painter. The tatooists say I'm too illustrative and the classic painter tell me I'm too much of an tattoo-artist. The illustrators think my style is to generic - the (gambling) game industry…

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September Update

I keep forgetting about Weasyl. Unfff. But I still like this site more then the other art sites around recently. Mainly because it's kinda calm and easy to use. Anyway...I wish I could bring you some updates, but for now I'm still stuck at my job with little to no time for anything else. Haaa. Anno…

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Make a living with Commissions (Part II)

Just a little Journal with thoughts... I made a similar Post some time ago (here:, asking about your experience on the topic. (Thanks again for your great input!) Now I'm at a point where I seriously start to think about making a li…

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No time for Art! I have to care for my Tamagotchi!!! Ok. Srly now. I got me a 1997 Tamagotchi from Japan. Because Nostalgia~ It's in fact a Mothra-Tamagotchi. Yeah. Offical Bandai AND Toho Product. So cool! And it's such a cute little maggot 8> Playing with it kept me from Arting this evening XD I'…

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Just a Quote

“I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist. I’m the space between what I’d like to be and what others made of me. Just let me be at ease and all by myself in my room.” — Fernando Pessoa This quote...It's exactly what I always wanted to say. I have nothing to add or remove.

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ACEO Trades anyone? -CLOSED-

**CLOSED: Thanks guys, I have 5 Trades to do now <3 I just want to do something traditional again and I need to kick myself out of an Artblock so... Why not ACEO-Trades? I would do my Card with Copic Markers, Colored Pencils and Pencil (no Ink...I hate inks) Here is an example (it was for a trade a…

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Moved to a new Flat.

We FINALLY moved to our new flat X,x Only took like 3 days... urgh. And the move was full of ups and downs (one down almost send me to the hospital) but now we are save and set :D It will take some time till I find my "calmness" for drawing again. I can't sit down, i constantly run around cleaning…

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Going to move soon.

Wolfy and I are going to move this weekend (hopefully, when everything goes according to plan). We move out of my 26 square meter apartment into a much bigger one. Also, finally we will have a REAL kitchen and a normal working toilet. Pure luxury XD And the area we will live in is much quieter, but…

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Thanks to you people and ... Folder-Structure

Hrrm~I feel so at home at Weasyl right now. I love it! <3 It's been said many times already, but I'm so glad the activity here finally took off :) I love the people that are active here and I also love the motivation i get from the site in the last few days~ Also I wanted to say thanks to you peopl…

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Not the Meme.

I love to read this "get to know me"-memes from other people and i wanted to fill one up too. But...I just can't. I honestly don't think anybody would care about my answers and i don't feel comfortable with some of them. So have something different instead. I write what I think is imporant to know…

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Make a living with Commissions (Part I)

I'm just curious about your thoughts when people (try to) make a living with "Furry"-Art. Is it naive to think it could work in long terms? Do you even have experience with this maybe? And what if the major part of Commission is Adult related? What would would "Mum and Dad" say?! I know some Artist…

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Well FA is back up again. Dundunduuuun! But yeah, i will stay active here for sure :) Also since this handy crossposting-tool makes it way easier for me to keep galleries updated:;gl=US (I…

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Hrrm. I kinda miss a Scrap-Section on Weasly. Or am i just blind? D:

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Me again X)

Every 3 Months or so i start uploading here again. And half of my gallery is missing since i don't bother uploading all of the old crap. But yeah. Here i am, back again. I really need to be more active on weasyl again, but is it just me or is it a little bit silent here? :/

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Sorry for the Spam.

Sorry for the upload-spam! I really love this site, but i'm a little bit lazy sometimes D:

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Slowly i'm getting really attached to this side. It's lovely made and very handy (with a few bugs here and there, but's new - what to expect. I think the stuff here does a great job ;D) Anyway...I wonder if anybody here uses this side as main gallery? Or is everbody just crossposting from…

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New here on Weasyl

Thanks to Shalinka I can give this site a try. It's so well designed! I LOVE IT <3 And I'm pretty picky on designs...the only site i could handle until now was Deviantart. But this here looks great. I love the Banner-Option the most. Thanks for that~ Reminds me a bit of SoFurry, but it never looked…