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Just a Quote by Rotarr

“I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist. I’m the space between what I’d like to be and what others made of me. Just let me be at ease and all by myself in my room.”
— Fernando Pessoa

This quote...It's exactly what I always wanted to say.
I have nothing to add or remove.

Just a Quote


20 April 2014 at 13:55:14 MDT

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    ...hmm. That's something for me to ponder on myself.

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    Wow, that's deep...

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      specially the room part. Rooms are deep.

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    If you don't respond to this I am conscious of your one journal about having a hard time keeping up with private messages and I figure posts like this could also be overwhelming so no obligation to respond. Especially since my posts can be large.

    Are you maybe an observer?

    This is what that quote reminded me of, what it fired-off in my own mind:

    In the virtual representation of my mind, when I am immersed in my head on a vision trip, I at least once saw it clearly this way: there seems to be an empty dark space between the /actual spaces/ that have stuff going on in them (those spaces like little stages or rooms), like the "empty" space is the walls between the rooms (but its spacious and some things do go on in there). I call it a Void, but it still seems to be /someplace/, and from there I can see into the rooms or stages which are parts of contiguous regular space (but they appear segmented from this perspective). The "rooms" are pieces of the coherent imagination-world that are chopped into little sections like you'd see in Furcadia or in an isometric rpg with a black background, as when you go inside a shop or house or something and can see the negative space outside the playing area. So if I look into one of those rooms, I am standing in the void-space, looking in from there. I think some of the thought-creatures in my mind can walk around and observe what is in the rooms from that point. I think some of them can slip into this area. Maybe they are hunters or observers or they rest in there. I myself like sitting in the shadows when the others around me are in the light, and feel most comfortable this way.

    So, are you maybe an observer? Someone that sits on the side watching. But who also has people telling them what they aught to do, which is something besides what is natural for you to do?
    What do people tell you to do/
    And what do you /want/ to do? Where do you /want/ to be?