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September Update by Rotarr

I keep forgetting about Weasyl. Unfff.
But I still like this site more then the other art sites around recently. Mainly because it's kinda calm and easy to use.
Anyway...I wish I could bring you some updates, but for now I'm still stuck at my job with little to no time for anything else. Haaa. Annoying.
I opened some Sketch-Commissions and it was really nice to have something to work on all the time :)
I think I will open some more once I'm done. It keeps me busy.

P.S.: My cats are cute, the internet told me so.

September Update


17 September 2014 at 06:42:28 MDT

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    Oh man I missed out on that D: I'm generally more active on FA but I check here everyday still. Many sites can get really cumbersome xD

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      I only opened a few slots...But next time i will make it bigger. I really enjoy doing these sketch-commissions :D
      But the next run will be colored. Color is much better then grey-scale XD

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    That's because the internet is run by cats

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      That explains EVERYTHING O.O

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    This site is a small town.

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      That's the most accurate description of weasyl yet XD