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Me again X) by Rotarr

Every 3 Months or so i start uploading here again. And half of my gallery is missing since i don't bother uploading all of the old crap.

But yeah. Here i am, back again.

I really need to be more active on weasyl again, but is it just me or is it a little bit silent here? :/

Me again X)


10 September 2013 at 02:56:09 MDT

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    Yeah, the activity level is a little low at the moment. It's been like this for a while, but it looks like everyone is starting to take notice of the site again.

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      I keep coming back here, just because i like this page :)

      I will try to upload here more often (not bulk dump some stuff all 3 months ^^; )

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    Dead silent even, i uploaded one of my recieved commission here and it was 4 hours on the frontpage lol on FA 4 minutes is damn long already XD

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      it was probably showing your subscriptions uploads.

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        Nope im pretty sure it was the latest uploads category besides, even Rotarrs uploads are on the frontpage since quite some while be now XD

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          Yeah saw it too! That's just sad .___.

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            Ohh not that sad people could see your art a LONG time :D But yeah pity i really like this place for the bigger picure uploads and the filters which help a lot in case you dont want to see particular stuff.

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      Okay, that's just strange O_o

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    It's a common concern, yeah. I had a few friends on board with the site who gave up on it because of the lack of activity, which of course doesn't help alleviate the problem.

    I hate to say it, but as much as everyone complains about FA, it kind of has a lock on the furry art audience. Unless Weasyl finds a niche like InkBunny has (but not that niche, please), it's probably going to stay like this. I'll stick with it, though.

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      Yus...that's too bad, i really like the functions and all that stuff here. It's just *pretty*

      But anyway, I keep coming back here from time to time. I wouldn't give up on it completely :)

      Also...maybe i can use that lack of people here to upload sketches and things i wouldn't just post on FA :) Like...more fun stuff just for the lulz. (it just sucks that this side has more portfolio quality display then FA ^^; )

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    It is indeed silent here but I read journal entries like yours a few times in the last months, so I think it's not hopeless. A lot of people ranted about FA but it seems hard to get away from it. FA has a huge community which galleries like Weasyl and Nabyn just can't offer at the moment. It has a few nice options, though and as far as I know the moderators care about what's going on here. That's a great bonus, especially compared to FA and dA. ;)

    Well, I never had an active FA gallery and I'm not so happy with dA, so at least I will stay here a little bit longer. ^-^

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      I actually like FA :) I don't want to leave it... But i would like the admins to care a little for it and try to make it better.

      But besides that, i just like different galleries. It's just hard to take care of them all. But i will try (again) to upload here steady.

      It's the same with my DA. I LOVE DA. It's such a huge thing and so many great artists there...but i don't have much to upload there so it's rather silent on my DA all the time ^^; meh. *hits herself with newspaper*

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    Yeah, it's still super silent here. It's also hard to juggle so many sites, and I always find myself going back to my older ones. ^^; I'm still watching your stuff, though! I usually check in every day here once in the morning, haha.

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      Yeah, same here. I try to keep it to an minimum. FA, DA, Weasyl. Maybe SoFurry too, but i don't know yet X_X

      It's hard work to keep everything up to date XD

      And thank you for following my works :)

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    Still be a quiet place... I think it's good this ^^

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    It seems to be boom or bust here. It is boom when FA is down, or does something stupid, or there is some drama of some kind which leads to an exodus. It is bust when FA is working and there is no stupid or dramas. Personally, I rather like the quite here.

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      It's funny that i wanted to revive my weasyl and at the same time FA has outtake XD

      But it's good to have this alternative to FA. I like both. I will try to keep them alive :3

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        That's why I have a weayl account. Just in case FA ever goes down forever.