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Make a living with Commissions (Part III) by Rotarr

Accidently posted the previous journal 2 times, but i don't want to delete the comments.

Make a living with Commissions (Part III)


14 May 2014 at 06:35:12 MDT

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    Maybe a solution could be to try to find a part-time art job and once you've got that you can quit your current job? That way you would be able to do commissions as well as have a steady, reliable income?

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      Yeah, A part-time job would be PERFECT. Think is, that there are no Part-Time-ART jobs in Austria. But maybe I will search for a part-time job in a different direction. I just don't know WHAT that job could be. I can't do anything then graphic design and illustration. I worked as a 2D Designer all my life x_X

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        Well I do have a part time job as illustrator so there have to be such jobs (It's just quite difficult to get them since the company needs a main designer/illustrator and enough money to hire a part time one for other little things). I guess most companies prefer to just out-source their work when needed instead of keeping a second part-time illustrator.

        You could try a part-time job in a surrounding that you enjoy. What about a book store?

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          Where on earth did you find a part-time illustrator job in Austria? It was nearly impossible to find one as a full time illustator already O_o
          But anyway. I'm not very good with people. I can't sell anything...these jobs are really not my thing, no matter WHAT I sell sadly :/ Also not very good at the phone. All these jobs that require little education I COULD do are nearly impossible to do for me X_X

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        I get that it might be difficult to find part time work as an illustrator (shame that your boss not offering you part time :( ), but what about part time graphic design? You know, layout shop, advertising agency, news agency etc. ? Surely there might be some part time solutions there?

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    feeling exactly the same, but last 2 months i worked as full time illustrator. It's hard to gather yourself but much better then office work for me
    about, i think everything will be all right with such amount of watchers as yours ^^
    So, good luck anyway)

    *sorry for broken english :D

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    My advise would be to carefully consider the positives and negatives between the two (company job and freelance). There are huge advantages to both, but also big risks as well. I'm not advocating for one over the other - that's for you to decide which one meets your needs best. Yeah, working for a company isn't always fun, but they generally have benefits, and if you're in an artistic slump, generally you will still get paid. You also get nice things like vacation and benefits. If you work for yourself, you have a LOT more flexibility but also a lot less certainty.

    Like I said, not pushing one over the other. If I were you, I would look at your experience with commissions and then decide if you want to take on even more, all the time, just to make ends meet. Maybe you could try it out by ramping commissions up and seeing how it goes. Because once you leave your job, that's a tough decision to undo.

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    Keep in mind when you're planning things out that you'll probably only be spending about 1/4 of your working time actually drawing, so you'll have to be able to charge enough for your art to make up for the other 3/4.

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    I'm actually about to make this leap... under different circumstances though. I'm moving back home with my folks until freelance starts paying off enough that I can live off of it, probably a couple years. And I don't hate my job, I feel so fortunate to have it... but I know I don't wanna be here forever, and there's no time for me to work on my own projects, really- and they mean the world to me, so. I've had my mind made up for a few months now. I'm really excited but I'll miss my co workers.

    Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best with it!