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Hi there!

I'm just a random artist lost in monsters, original characters and other things. Well, I’m known by Alphares/Alpha/Al or Shawn, an artist and all around weirdo living in the little country called Austria.

Most of the time you will find my stuff being centred around creature design/drawing/headworld design (on my artblog, Inkblotches) or on photography. I work as an illustrator in the educational sector but in my free time I enjoy many things like music, games, trips to the zoo or simple hikes with my camera equipped.

- Art (Concept Art, Writing, Photography, Drawing, Comics)
- Games (RPGs, MMOs, Hack n Slash, Beat em Up, Virtual Petsites/Sims, etc)
- Music (Metal, Folk-/Pagan-/Vikingmetal, Electro, Synth Pop)
- Books (Non-fictional works, Lord of the Rings, Eaters of the Dead)
- Biology (Zoology, Cryptozoology, Genetics)
- Religion (Spiritualism, Shamanism, Religions in general)
- Mythology (Human mythology, Creatures and Beings of all sorts)

Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Bloody Roar, Folklore/Folksoul, Red Dead Redemption, Jurassic Park, Pokemon, Tera Rising, etc

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Latest Journal

A bunch of "Thank yous" and apologies!

Seems like Weasyl is becoming more and more popular these days. Awesome to see so many lovely people and artist gathering here. I'd like to say thank you to all the new followers and for all the favourites and comments. I'm flattered by all the attention my work gets lately.

Also I need to apologize to some of you who might have received random friend requests, favs and de-favs, and so on. Weasyl seems to be malfunctioning a bit on my laptop causing all this ruckus. I'll look into that as soon as possible. I hope nobody feels offended by those notifications. Please know that I didn't mean any harm by that.

Well, I hope all you new faces have fun here on Weasyl <3

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    Lovely art and concepts!

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      Thank you very much! And same goes to you and your awesome work! I've been checking your art out on FA for quite some time.
      I was pretty sure I had you in my watchlist there but FA says nope. Well, gotta change that fast :D

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        You're very welcome! And hey that's awesome! I'm glad you enjoy my stuff; I thought your work looked pretty familiar. Thanks for the watch too. <3

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    Yay, noch jemand aus Österreich :D

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    You've got some cool work! Really nice variety of characters on display here.

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      Thank you! I can say the same about your works Caelan! I didn't know that you're on Weasyl too. I'm watching your tumblr for a while now :]

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        Oh, really?? How cool! Well thank you very much! :}

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    Thank you so much for the follow!