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Professional Feedback by Rotarr

The conceptartists tell me I have more of an animatiors style, the animation people tell me I am more like a painter. The tatooists say I'm too illustrative and the classic painter tell me I'm too much of an tattoo-artist. The illustrators think my style is to generic - the (gambling) game industry thinks my stuff is too wild/dark/illustrated. The comic artists say my style is manga and the manga artists think i have to much western influences.


That's the feedback i got over the years from various professional artists who saw my stuff.
But I guess that's normal, when you don't fit into any category (or if you want to fit in too many at once)

So...I say I should start at the basics again and start fresh. (●´ω`●)ゞ

Professional Feedback


13 November 2014 at 02:34:30 MST

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    Doesn't that depend on what you want to do?

    You've always got to start with what you want your art to be. Is it a hobby, where most your pursuits are personal with a few commissions done for others because you're nice like that, but not to nice to draw something you don't like? Is it a business, where all you aim to do is use your skills to pay the bills, simply put if they offer enough cash you'll draw anything? Or is it a mixture? Being a mixture is the most dangerous route because there's no easy way to do it. There's a set way of doing it and that's not for everyone. Can you separate your personal feelings when someone wants to commission you or not? If not then the business model isn't advised, and the mixture is impossible.

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      Ah~ I don't want to do ART. I want to work as a Designer.
      This has little to do with the goal to earn cash (if it was for that, I would choose a different career...) but more with the "I can see myself doing that, that would make me feel useful"
      If you want to work in an industry, you have to draw what you are told to draw. You need problem-solving and painting/drawing skills, that is the creative part of work. And to me, that's fun! So I totally have no problem with that at all~ As long as the environment is professional and i can work with other people on a bigger project (like illustrating a book, you need to work together with the author etc. or for a game, you need to work with other people who do the same thing as you).
      I'm not an elitist who thinks my own perception of art is something i want others to pay me for, because "it's so good and I'm so creative". That's what I do for a hobby, when i draw what I want and then I don't want money for it AT ALL, it would only create pressure for me.
      But at some point you need to choose what profession you want to go. And I just can't do that yet :/ I don't know what field of work I would be good at and which would be right for me. And so i continue to be an undefined blob.
      One reason for that is that I don't know all the art-basics. There is much i just don't know. I'm a Line-art person for sure, but mainly because I don't know how to paint "really good" or efficient. So the easiest way to go for me, is via linart (for example).
      So the logical conclusion for me is, to work on the basics AGAIN and see if it opens a new way, since my "lineart cheating" approach is not working very well.

      Private Commissions (specially for furries) are a bit tricky, because you don't need to be FULL PRO (like a concept artist for the film industry) and you can choose a bit what to draw, but people also tell you what to draw and you just have to do it, while mixing your personal style in it. So I would say that's definitely a mixture. How well this profession works on the long run? I don't know. But it's a good way of practice and to learn how to deal with clients on a more personal level.

      Ah...sorry for the long reply ^^; I drifted a little here.

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        Then I'd have to agree, going back to basics is probably for the best. But try to remember your current style too. After all it could be that you'd actually found your artistic route already but didn't notice it. Such is life and the chaos it brings.

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    Do what you enjoy doing. Who cares if it is this style or that style? I prefer artists who have their own unique styles personally.

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      That's even worse ._. I don't know what would me "my" thing. I know I have a certain way of drawing things (that would count as style i guess), but not really an agenda to it all. I just ...DO... stuff ^^;

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        Your thing is how you draw things currently! ^_^

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        "Your thing" is whatever tickles your muse. While artists/designers and so on tend to do many different things as part of their work and commissions, the things that personally excite and interest you - that spark your imagination - are the ones keep at. If nothing quite does that yet, then maybe you haven't stumbled upon it yet. So ask yourself that - what's something you love drawing/designing?

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    I also think you should keep your style, because this world is so bent on keeping things the same, there is so few variety out there!

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    Hah! Well, that's some feedback, there, isn't it? ^^ You cannot please everybody, but pleasing no one is a thing most common on the internet and with that I also mean professional galleries.

    The main reason why I myself am not too fond of unasked critique is precisely that. Everybody sees something else in you and your art and in the end, all criticism is based on perception, personal preference and such. Anatomy and other basic mistakes aside, of course. I like to approach people who have a style I enjoy for criticism because that means I get a review from the position of a creative mind that I admire or want to get closer to what these people are doing. Sometimes, that's hard, though, because the result might be something that I can never live up to or that's just too far away from what I do at the moment.

    I personally (and unasked) think that your style is rather clean and not very sketchy or rough. While I adore your talent I personally love sketchy and a little expressionistic stuff. It's also something you see in concept art a lot, especially lately (think Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls Online concept art, for example, but there are many, many other examples.) So IF you would ask me, I'd suggest you try more sketchy and rough stuff, but that's probably because my perception is biased - actually, this IS the very reason I would suggest it. Because there are as many reasons to keep drawing as you are. Still, there's nothing wrong with being able to easily pull off sketchy stunts, they are usually quite impressive for everybody.

    The animator bit is true in that regard, that, with your clean lines and colouring and the stylistic bits in your style, your concepts of characters & people are easy to imagine in a 3D environment. But in animation, you rather go 'full realistic' or more stylized and 'comic art'. But your art is kinda in-between, so that's probably where the 'manga' bit comes in. Because although you don't have any real manga style in your art, I understand how people get the idea. Japanese 2D & 3D animation usually depends more on lines and clear, clean colouring than most other animations and is stylized in a very different way then, say, Pixar stuff.

    Your style is very recognizable, especially in the fandom. Your motifs are often dark, but your style is rather cute and 'round' and 'clean'. With such clean lines and colouring it's rather hard to give the rough and edgy feel most people probably expect (aware or unaware) of pictures with dark & gorey content.

    Going back to 'the drawing board' and try to 'learn the basics' again probably won't work, because you already have all the basics. But I understand, that you want to try and learn about 'classic' painting techniques or naturalistic ways or painting because it keeps you busy studying reality rather than fall back in your actual style. I would say, if you need new perspective & input, do exactly that, but then again, take a break from it every know and then and try to go into the other direction & go wild with cartoonistic, over-stylized stuff, (not just Chibis, you do those very well) - because that's something you need in animation a lot. Clean lines, over-expression and reduces features x over-painted features.

    Going into extremes both ways will most likely pay off as it moves you out of your comfort zone and will probably hel to pick up exactly those bits and pieces from everything you try to make your style truely stand out in a good way in front of 'professionals' (not saying it isn't already unique.) Only by pushing ourselves will we pick up certain features as a habit and incorporate them into our own style.

    Much advice from someone who isn't even close to someone with your skill and talent but has been thinking about this a lot and has dealt with concept art & artist quite a bit. And also someone who believes in you and admires your talent maybe from the very first day you touched down on FA - you will make it!

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      ohmy. thank you my dear for this long posts and your thoughts on the topic! I really took a lot from this comment :)
      I have to think a little about all this for a while. Let's see how i can balance things out x,x

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      P.S.: I like your art alot XD You as talented as me AT LEAST. I really love your creations and that you stay true to yourself and YOUR art. You don't bend for others and that's to admire :)

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        blushes heavily and mimbles, rubbing cheeks It doesn't always do me good, tho... but...thank you.

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    Ja, aber da bist du nicht die einzige. Die Meinungen über meinen egenen Stil sind auch sehr... kontrovers.
    Wichtig ist, was du willst.. Wenn du so zeichnen willst wie jetzt, dann mach das einfach. Wenn nicht: ändere es. Ist ja jedem seine eigene Entscheidung. Irgendwo wird es schon einen Platz geben wo jemand sagt "DU bist genau das, was wir suchen und du passt zu uns!" :3

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    that's pretty amazing. Hopefully somehow it turns out to be a good thing.

    i think i'd rather be "no category" than stuck in one category.