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Something happy!

I've been feeling a lot better lately. Things are looking up. I'm going to start living and loving again.

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Worries and Fears

My biggest fear is not knowing what's going to happen. If I don't know something, my brain puts in whatever worst-case scenario it can think of, and I'm left shaking with worry. It's why I slept with my ceiling light on for weeks when I was twelve until I got a huge fluorescent bar light to mount o…

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A reflection on the past month...

I've screwed up a bunch. That's apparent. I am starting to become the kind of person I was a few years ago, and I don't want that again. Moving forward from the kind of depressed and sarcastic asshole that I used to be is something I've been working hard to do over the past year, but I'm going back…

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boom crash, the sound of my car

Things are feeling pretty good right now... well, besides the car being out of commission for hopefully only temporarily. I made a new friend in Minnesota. He's pretty far away, but at least it's someone my age who I can talk with about small-town MN stuff. He's a little... well.... he comes on str…

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I'm also on other sites!

Do you like seeing my terrible pixel art but don't like my whiny journals? Would you rather have a website where I don't act like a little bitch about every little thing? Check me out on Furaffinity! My username there is FrostyBeep! Everything I post here will likely also be there! I'm also on most…

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I don't know what's wrong

I'm fairly certain I know what was recently going wrong with my head. I do not, however, know what's wrong with my belly. I'm not dead and I'm not dying, though. I'm just not entirely happy right now. My trip Friday night brought up absolutely nothing. I think it is just the unhappy in my brain mak…

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to the doc to the doc to the doc doc doc

Headed to get checked out by a gi doc. Not being able to eat for two days and the proceeding week being difficult to keep food down is bad. If anything comes up, I'll probably post it here and on Twitter. Hopefully everything's ok, but it always might not be. It's not like I'm new to having intesti…

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Stiiiiiiiiiiiiill feeling sick. I'm having trouble eating again. Yesterday, I had two bites of a sandwich and that was it for basically the whole day. On the bright side, I'm still getting closer to a healthy weight. Keep myself from having any dangerous health problems or sumthin idk. What matters…

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Almost back

Things aren't so bad I'm getting out of my low mood. I talked a lot with people who I care about and learned that they care about me too and it really helped me to feel better about everything. I spoke with T again. Talked more in a few hours than we have for months. I didn't tell him anything abou…

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Sorry guys. Working on getting better.

Got my social security card in the mail today. I can finally get to living in St. Paul. Yay! That's feelin' pretty good. I'm also finally starting to get over the little internal crisis that happened earlier this week. I think whatever was going on in my head has now spread to my stomach, since I h…

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stop, frosty

Wow. Just checked the browse page and saw that my journals show up more than anyone else's. I think I might be too whiny. I don't think I'll stop. I need this. Who else do I complain to? I don't have anyone. I've just got the internet. Is there a better place to put these? Probably. But I think par…

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I'm not always smiley, guys.

I claim I'm not worried about people I know seeing these, but I think I kind of am. I've only shown one person I know these journals and had to tell her not to share them with my ex because I was so afraid of him being upset with me. I've told another friend that they exist and told him not to read…

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Drawing is not an ability I have, have had, or likely will ever have

Hey, back with something less mopey. I don't want to annoy you guys with myself crying about myself. Here's some fun. If you know me, you know I'm terrible at art. I'll spend thirty minutes throwing something like this together and it'll pretty much be the extent of my artistic ability. While peopl…

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I'm a mopey butt. Don't read my journals. They're dumb and whiny.

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Something's wrong.

Up until a few days ago, I've been fine. I found it easy to be optimistic and positive about everything. I was always the one who had stuff under control and would listen to other people talk about their troubles without feeling down myself. Now I'm crying for the first time in years and the full m…

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Still alive. Still lonely. Still me.

Ten days since my last journal. I'm not dead, yet. I've been feeling steadily worse and worse about myself and life and the uselessness that is me. I spend most of the day cleaning and talking to people online to fill the face to face personal connections I don't get, and spend most of my nights ta…

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Cheer up!

Let's get some happy in here A week ago, I was surprised with a sketched picture of a squirrel from a friend on Steam. I didn't expect it at all. My day was instantly made a million times better. Yesterday, I got it, and I was shocked. The tiny details like the tail colors showing on the edge was c…

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I'm lonely.

I'm lonely. I haven't done anything with a friend in close to two years now. I am very extremely lonely and that hurts. I've got the internet and people there to talk to (I have to thank SCG for most of that) but once I log off I'm pretty alone. I don't have a car so I can't get anywhere. I don't h…

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What am I doing here?

Hello, Visitors! Weasyl's pretty neat. It has a search that works, a nice layout that looks hip and modern, and admins who know what they're doing. In my time here on Weasyl, I've grown to enjoy the site and what it has to offer. The new SFW mode for viewing is a great feature from an otherwise not…