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Hiya! Call me Kompy!

This is my main mascot/fursona/whatever!

What will I post here? For the most part, my newest work that is fully done, or mostly done at least (so no rough sketches for the time being unless people ask for these).

I do commissions at times -- keep an eye out on my journals when that is the case (and my prices are just down here, too!)

That said, most of my commission business happens over in Furaffinity due to demand (and, sadly no one here ever asking me here), so expect some exclusive pics over there as well as on DeviantArt (which includes job-based work) as well as, to a much lesser extent, Pixiv (with more emphasis on fanart based primarily on stuff of interest to a Japanese audience). I do hope to eventually bring more Weazyl-exclusive content here, though, starting with the more in-depth bios posted for my Characters, which you can't find anywhere else. Feel free to suggest other things I can put here exclusively!

And please, don't hesitate to say hello! While I will only accept Friend Requests from people I am truly familiar with or I am close to, I will never make any Friends-Only content, so no need to worry about missing out.

I only bite a little, honest! :)

Latest Journal

Update: Tablet is borked. I am boned.

on 4 September 2015 at 23:22:14 MDT

Bear with me as I go into panic mode for a moment.


Tablet? Not cooperating again. Many reboots. Reinstalls. plugging/unplugging. All the tricks I could find. Not working.

In fact, its current behavior is reminding me of the old tablet! You know, the one I replaced with the one I have now only to see laptop doing the exact same BS with the new one. But as I was able to make it cooperate with me for the last few years, no big deal.

Now, now it’s a big deal.

I am on my wit’s end, as I have been significantly hindered by this turn of events when it comes to saving up cash for the new laptop. And consider this:

-The only money I can use at the moment without bothering anyone else for money is what I had saved up for the laptop. I could well use some of that cash for a new tablet and just keep soldiering on with Raphael here until I have thew amount I need, but seeing as this laptop now has a history of not playing nice with Wacom tablet drivers/pressure sensitivity, I’m seriously afraid to risk getting a new one just to have this happen all over again.

-I could try borrowing mom’s laptop, but as she uses it for her work and it’s not really optimal for handling digital editing, I worry if it’s worth the hassle. Also her computer has Win8 and needs a virus clean up pretty badly, so that’s another reason not to go that path.

-The only, ONLY thing I can still use for digital art at all now is my scanner to grab some traditional sketches and Illustrator (as I prefer using the mouse for that anyway). This I could well try to use for new work, the problem is all my pending commissions are done in SAI, a program that needs a pressure-sensitive tablet like a fish needs water to breathe.

-I can’t draw directly on the comp with just a mouse to save my life and am legit amazed by those dedicated enough to pull it off.

-The only other, OTHER thing I could use for digital coloring? Uhh, I have Colors! 3D on my 3DS, though it’s a standard-sized 3DS and the screen is annoying to draw on, though not impossible. Ironically, Miiverse sketches are doable :V

-I was fine with the occasional want for donations when I could at least draw SOMETHING for people to see to make up for it, but as I am now it’d just be beyond embarrassing.

-Patreon plans are pretty much dead until this is resolved.

So yeah, this is where I am now. Needless to say, no Friday stream due to, well, no place to draw on right now/have a sketch pending.

I’m…going to sleep off the frustration now. Hopefully next post I do is significantly happier. I’m starting to dislike this sad side of me.

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Flat Color

Full Body
$ 56.00
Head Shot/Icon (includes Hi-res)
$ 21.00
add  Extra Characters (Max. 3)
$ 10.00
add  Props and/or Overly Fetishy Content
$ 10.00


Full Body
$ 16.00
add  Extra characters
$ 10.00
add  Props and/or Overly Fetishy Content
$ 10.00


Full Body
$ 76.00
Head Shot/Icon (includes Hi-res)
$ 31.00
add  Extra Characters (Max. 3)
$ 10.00
add  Props and/or Overly Fetishy Content
$ 10.00

Paypal only. Work will begin once payment comes through. Due to job hunting and real life, expect a small to moderate wait, unless stated otherwise. You are free to inquire about your commission's progress should the wait take more than two months.

Clients may ask ahead of time for a preview sketch (flat or shaded commissions only) to be seen before I move on to the final work. Minor color or detail revisions may be done for free, but greater editing, such as proportions, will require a fee (to be haggled depending on the intensity of the work) and will only be done once.

When possible, commissions will be worked on while doing public streaming, so you're free to ask for a schedule if you are a client and wish to watch so that the commission may be corrected on the fly.

I have the right to reject any and all offers for whatever reason, though the most likely reasons will probably be something heavily fetishy or offensive (ask if you're not sure).


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