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Update: Tablet is borked. I am boned. by Kompy

Bear with me as I go into panic mode for a moment.


Tablet? Not cooperating again. Many reboots. Reinstalls. plugging/unplugging. All the tricks I could find. Not working.

In fact, its current behavior is reminding me of the old tablet! You know, the one I replaced with the one I have now only to see laptop doing the exact same BS with the new one. But as I was able to make it cooperate with me for the last few years, no big deal.

Now, now it’s a big deal.

I am on my wit’s end, as I have been significantly hindered by this turn of events when it comes to saving up cash for the new laptop. And consider this:

-The only money I can use at the moment without bothering anyone else for money is what I had saved up for the laptop. I could well use some of that cash for a new tablet and just keep soldiering on with Raphael here until I have thew amount I need, but seeing as this laptop now has a history of not playing nice with Wacom tablet drivers/pressure sensitivity, I’m seriously afraid to risk getting a new one just to have this happen all over again.

-I could try borrowing mom’s laptop, but as she uses it for her work and it’s not really optimal for handling digital editing, I worry if it’s worth the hassle. Also her computer has Win8 and needs a virus clean up pretty badly, so that’s another reason not to go that path.

-The only, ONLY thing I can still use for digital art at all now is my scanner to grab some traditional sketches and Illustrator (as I prefer using the mouse for that anyway). This I could well try to use for new work, the problem is all my pending commissions are done in SAI, a program that needs a pressure-sensitive tablet like a fish needs water to breathe.

-I can’t draw directly on the comp with just a mouse to save my life and am legit amazed by those dedicated enough to pull it off.

-The only other, OTHER thing I could use for digital coloring? Uhh, I have Colors! 3D on my 3DS, though it’s a standard-sized 3DS and the screen is annoying to draw on, though not impossible. Ironically, Miiverse sketches are doable :V

-I was fine with the occasional want for donations when I could at least draw SOMETHING for people to see to make up for it, but as I am now it’d just be beyond embarrassing.

-Patreon plans are pretty much dead until this is resolved.

So yeah, this is where I am now. Needless to say, no Friday stream due to, well, no place to draw on right now/have a sketch pending.

I’m…going to sleep off the frustration now. Hopefully next post I do is significantly happier. I’m starting to dislike this sad side of me.

Update: Tablet is borked. I am boned.


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