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Myra Apesta Gomez by Kompy

Myra Apesta Gomez


Myra Apesta Gomez

Myra is not the most hard-working of Skuntanks. She would rather flirt about having fun an going on her own solo projects than to be stuck in some team. She's already left (or was kicked out) of two teams during her time at the school and she'd have loved to have left it at that, but no, this long-tongued chica had to show up and ruin her fun by pushing her into a team she can't escape from due to her dad's insistence. Worst part of it is that she has a strange feeling that Lilly's want to have her on her team may be because of other reasons she can't put her finger on. Oh well, she'll figure it out. And hey, she makes a mean flambé, so it's not like she's a fifth wheel or anything!

Myra's team name may be "Entrée", but to most 'morphs who have the misfortune of facing her in battle she's the Hot 'n' Spicy one; despite being a Poison/Dark Pokemon, she's better known for her Flamethrower assaults, which are THEN followed by the more appropriate moves. As the Entrée, her main goal is to get the other team nice and bruised up for when Lilly or the boys can get at them, though when the need is there she's also an ideal "wall", able to take nearly everything the other guy can throw at her.

Myra, in many ways, acts both as Lilly's opposite and her clone, being as outspoken as the Lickilicky but with a far more snarky attitude. She's also equally skilled in the kitchen, though she has a bad habit of making her meals too which she often up and says "if it's too spicy for you, then you're just not 'mon enough for it!". This also applies to how she approaches life in general, from her dates to her school life. She's even like this with her own team, but as luck would have it, she's starting to like these guys. Michi's a cutie, Angelo makes for decent eye-candy and Lilly...well, she's still not sure about her, but as she can't shake her anyway, she'll just have to learn to put up with the overly-cheerful Lickilicky.

Fun facts:

  • Myra currently has an on again/off again relationship with Lunis1992's Jericho the Misdreavus. It's hard to say how serious she is about that, though.

  • The "Apesta y Más..." creole-fusion restaurant is something of a story in itself, as her father Miguel's dream was to set up a restaurant that would cater to those with more unique palates, in this case Poison-types. Getting funding for such an endeavor in his hometown was not an easy feat, though, as many an investor would look into questioning their Psychic-type consultants as to how financially viable such a place would be and coming out negative. Things were looking bleak until one 'mon in particular took it among herself to help get his place up and running, even if it took having to move to Viridian city to do it. Things have gone well for the little franchise that could, as well as for the unlikely duo that brought it to life...

  • Myra's family? Her father Miguel (shiny Skuntank), her younger brother Pepito (Stunky) and her stepmother Brenna (Blaziken), the 'mon who helped fund the restaurant to begin with because she fell in love with the cooking...and the man attached to it.

  • Myra's favorite thing in the world to do to new people she meets? Test their might against her latest spicy concoctions, of course. Will she befriend those that fail? Depends on their reaction and their general demeanor, really.

  • Her other thing to do, spicy-wise? To try and cook up sauces so spicy even Fire-types reel back from the burst of flavor in their mouth!

  • Myra loves partying, dancing, gossiping, flirting, pulling pranks and overall having a good time with friends. Which is not to say she's an airhead, not completely: Study-wise, she is fairly adept at math and chemistry as well as history, of which she has a semi-secret fondness for.

  • Myra's also from Sinnoh, like Lilly, though they never met there.

  • Nationality-wise, she's the Poke-world equivalent of a Puerto Rican (Poké Rican?), as is her family. Her Spanish is better than her English, though still far more fluent than her father, who barely speaks it except maybe to his wife Brenna (and not very well). And yes, Myra is the type that will talk behind your back in another language if you give her a reason to.

  • That is a Poison Barb hanging around her neck that she always has on. No one is quite sure if there's any significance to it other than it being her favorite item of jewelery. It also works, so handle with care.

  • Myra's favorite non-spicy food? Fried things, of course, the unhealthier the better.

  • Myra's least favorite food? Something completely flavorless, even water (that she'll drink with flavor packets).

  • The Flamethrower comes from the tip of her tail, which sits on her head like it does on most Skuntanks. Best not to ask where ELSE she can make her flames or poison come out of unless you're asking to get a Night Slash to the face for it.

  • Her Ability is "Stench" and she's proud of it. She loves strong smells, the stinkier the better. When exceptionally upset, her typical musk will be significantly more acute than when she's relaxed. She'll happily make her food nice and smelly for any Poison-type customer asking for it, as per house rules.

  • She's NOT a fan of Psychic-types and HAS been vocal about it in the past, her reasons based more on past history than anything else. If one manages to prove itself to not be an idiot, she might give them a chance, but it's not an easy thing to do.

  • On the flipside, she finds Fire-types very entertaining to hang out with and try to outdo in the spiciness department.

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    Always did like how you drew Skuntanks.

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    Good to see Myra up here :3

    Jericho: -3- sucking on a frozen milk cube

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      [Myra] You know, there better things you could suck on...

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        Jericho: Oh yeah? Like what?

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          [Myra] *Crosses her arms over her chest* You going to have to think that very hard if you want an answer.

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    Jericho: .....oh....Ooooohhh!