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Meghan DeCinder by Kompy

Meghan DeCinder


Meghan DeCinder
188 lbs.

Meghan (Meg to her friends) really only has one goal in life, to someday evolve to a Magmortar and, most of all, to prove herself 'mon enough to be worthy of taking care of the Firewing Gym, a Fire-type gym she inherited at a young age from her mother, who passed away due to a fatal accident. Adding to her troubles is having to take care of a grouch of a grandfather and a little sister, still a Magby. Despite these heavy burdens, she still keeps her head high and her flames lit, giving it her all as well as she can.

Meghan is the Kanto representative of Team Crossroads and its leader...or so is the claim, what with the group still trying to master the concept of actual teamwork. Meg acts as one of the two main offensive units, with emphasis being put on cornering the enemy and incinerating them on the spot with her deadly array of Fire-type moves. There are times when she gets way too into the fight and ends up doing more harm than intended, one of the many things she's hoping to improve on soon for the sake of her team.

Fun facts:

  • Meghan's current dating status is "uncertain", though lately things are looking promising between her and DH01's Edge (Shiny Scizor).

  • Meghan's family consists of her, her younger sister Maggie (Magby) and her grandfather Michael (also a Magmar).

  • She has never met her father. Her mother, Helen, however, was the one who helped develop the Firewing Gym in Viridian, an expansion on her teachings on the fine art of fire manipulation from her Magby-line colony in Mt. Cinnabar. Due to the disputes with her family about this decision, the Viridian gym is not only unsanctioned by them, but Meghan's mother was exiled for her insolence. Years later, she passed away due to an accident involving what should have been a routine battle with a Water-type that proved fatal.

  • Because of this, Meghan has developed an immense fear of fighting against Water-types, a bit of irony considering that, years later, she'd end up briefly dating one. This helped cure her phobia to a degree, though her utter dislike for fighting against them still lingers to this day.

  • Meghan has an odd dislike for people, especially loved ones, gifting her with expensive things, as she's developed a bit of a worry when it comes to dealing with money. She instead prefers gifts of a more practical nature...or if someone insists on gifting her with something expensive, let it be something for her sister Maggie, who she loves to dote on whenever the chance arises.

  • The Firewing Gym, aside from having facilities for practicing to use fire and resist it, also has a lava spa. The family loves using the spa themselves every now and then, as it reminds them of their volcanic roots.

  • At one point during a training session, a pillar fell on Meghan's back. She survived, thankfully, but was put out of commission for several weeks and 3 of her back-spikes were permanently damaged, so those are now mostly sliced off. She also still feels a bit of back pain after an intense bout of training, though nothing that can't heal after some rest.

  • She enjoys chewing on charcoal wood as if it were jerky.

  • She's not as tomboy-ish as people think she is, as she does have a fondness for wearing dresses and looking pretty every now and then. It's more her tight schedule that keeps her from focusing too much on that in favor of more practical things.

  • Why yes, everyone in her team DOES sometimes refer to her more as "mom" than "leader", why do you ask?

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