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Ricochet by Kompy



Unknown (mentally a young adult)

Old character sheet is old and will be replaced at a later date.

Fun facts:

  • He is the second oldest of the Biozone 5, a group of characters very close to the creator's heart. Others include Tanuki the Raccoon Dog, Quicksand the Jerboa, Speed the Python and Kompy the Compsognathus (and Viledove as the "6th ranger").

  • Ricochet (Rico to friends) is half rat (so he claims), half raven (so he claims) with tiny bat wings that do work, even though he's a bit of a clumsy flier.

  • Originally the character was the pet of another character, a pacifist. Ricochet used to have a peace sign on his collar and a piercing on his ear. These have since been replaced with the more generic gold tag and the notch (feel free to make your own theory on that). The owner has been abandoned mostly because Rico ended up getting more developed than he did.

  • He's a diehard omnivore, though prefers meat, especially turkey legs and junk food. He also likes wine, though beware letting him drink too much -- he's obnoxious while sober and this gets worse when drunk.

  • He likes the ladies. As he hasn't seen that many of his own kind, he's more than willing to chase after those of other species...even though he kind of fails miserably at this (see the previous comment about him being obnoxious).

  • No one knows if he's a natural hybrid, science gone mad, magic gone bad, whatever. That is because he's more of a "for fun" character that gets adapted into different settings and stories where he might fit in and be amusing..

  • He's named after the movie with the same name. No, he does not sound a thing like Denzel Washington. He has more of a Latin-American accent, not quite Nuyorican, not quite Cuban, though definitely more fluent in Spanish than English (yet prefers the company of English speakers because Reasons)

  • He's a got liiiiiittle bit of an ego problem.

  • Okay, he's got a loooooot of an ego problem.

  • He has feathers from the neck up. It's fur from the neck down.

  • He's addicted to the band UB40 and sleeping in robot junkyards. No, these have nothing to do with each other, but it is very important to know this.

  • Ricochet would like you to know he thinks you should get him a corn dog else he'll poop on your head. Okay, he won't actually poop on your head...but he still wants a corn dog.

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