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Michiel Kerstman by Kompy

Michiel Kerstman


Michiel Kerstman

Meet little Michi, the child prodigy. Born and raised a gifted child from the day he was hatched, this little 'bird has already managed to skip a couple grades and is bright enough to even give college a try...of course, life as a Senior has not been kind on him. For as bright as Michi is, his social skills has much to be desired. Since he became a Senior, the pressure on him has grown greater than ever, his grades fluctuating as his shyness grows. He has potential to be part of the student body, but several factors (like aforementioned shyness, especially when confronted with the group's more intimidating members) keep him from this...and just as things started to look its most bleak, a lowly Lickilicky goes up to him and asks, "How good is your cooking?" As Michi's parents both own a rather well-known ice cream company and he himself has picked up a few tricks from them, he was a liable candidate for Team Bistro. With any luck, this unorthodox group may be his ticket to getting his grades - and confidence - back on track.

Michiel has been dubbed "Dessert", and not just for the obvious reasons, either - when the other team has proven themselves to still have the strength to go on, then it's time to take 'em for a loop and knock 'em cold! And "cold" is exactly what Michi can deliver in spades; thanks to his unique family pedigree and his own genius skill at mastering many of his primary type's moves (beyond just Present, yes), Michi's special moves are among the strongest in the team. Throw in the sharp mind of a careful strategist and a small frame that makes him hard to hit (especially when skating across the ice) and you have the making of a little powerhouse...

...or so is the plan. See, that shyness he's developed since meeting up with his Senior class (and getting a painful reminder of the fact that he's one of the youngest members there) has transferred over to his fighting as well, making for quite a few humbling moments. Were it not for Lilly and the others thinking he has what it takes still, he'd have probably given up hope by now. Even Myra said it once, or at least he swears she did...

Fun facts:

  • He's currently in a very unorthodox relationship with asuraludu's character, Shaharazad the Lucario princess. No need to go into detail as to why THAT is unorthodox...

  • Michi's an only child, son of Hans and Greta Kerstman, both Delibirds themselves. Both are owner of the Kerstman line of fine ice cream and frozen yogurt, though recently own a combination ice cream parlor/coffee shop in Viridian that they run themselves. They have a family history of using Ice-type moves - moves that have taken generations to learn and perfect - as part of their means of creating high-quality ice cream for the masses. Michi, then, has been entrusted with this knowledge and hopes he will do them proud in continuing the tradition.

  • While the parents are well aware that their little boy is seeing someone now, they (especially Greta) still are uncertain on just how in the world this happened and how big a deal it really is were Michi and Sha were to marry. They know it'd definitely be beneficial to their company to have such allies, but beyond that, it's still all so overwhelming and too good to be true...but they're hopeful!

  • Michi in battle is...a strange sight, to say the least. Off the arena, he's one of the teams' better strategists and fairly cool-headed when it comes to just outlining what will and will not work. It's when he's IN battle that things aren't so black and white: While a strong and level headed Ice-type user for the most part, whenever a fight starts getting too overwhelming, Michi has been known to take off his glasses and let the Ability "Hustle" kick in, boosting his attack power at the cost of poor aim. Glasses-off Michi also has something of a meaner streak in battle, as he's a lot less focused on being strategically sound as he is just beating the other guy until they give up or are knocked out.

  • Michi knows Substitute. It takes the shape of Michi-like snowmen (snowbirds?)

  • Michi has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of facts and trivia, though more localized slang and street smarts are significantly more foreign to him.

  • He flies better than Angelo...that said, he's still a pretty poor flier.

  • Michi's knowledge of cooking mostly amounts to desserts, though he's trying to expand his knowledge to include hot meals and breakfast foods, like crepes and Belgian waffles.

  • Michi's nationality is the Poke-world equivalent of Dutch. His English is about en par with his native language in terms of fluency. He's also very slowly learning to speak Poke-Greek.

  • Michi is very short for a boy his age. It is hard to say if it's his species or just genetics making him that way, though it does bug him at times.

  • Michi would love nothing more than to be able to practice other activities besides studying, such as sports, but his parents forbid it. The only exception to this is ice-skating, which Michi is pretty good at and has used in combat at least once already.

  • He often gets very, very uncomfortable when people openly tell him he doesn't deserve the girlfriend he has. Truth be told, he still questions this very thing almost every day, though doesn't often say it out loud.

  • He is well aware his grades are suffering due to his insecurities. Lilly and his friends has helped him a lot to overcome this, though he's still not quite out of the woods yet grade-wise.

  • His favorite food? Pistachio ice cream. His least favorite? Spicy food, much to Myra's amusement as she loves to torture the little 'bird so by sneaking some spicy sauces into his meals and drinks on occasion.

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    Ah, the special Delibird XD I swear people didn't make their own because they wanted Michi to be the only one x3