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Angelo De Kanto by Kompy

Angelo De Kanto


Angelo De Kanto

Angelo is just the ace-in-the-hole team member Lilly has been hoping to find for her team, a guy who knows his way around the kitchen as well as on the battlefield. And it couldn't be any more truer than with a descendant of "Spigolo" De Kanto, the legendary gardener/sword smith. Yes, it was he who bred the world's first giant-sized leeks, powerful plants that are as deadly to wield as they are delicious to cook. Angelo himself honors the tradition by using "Bonewhacker", a 5 1/2-foot long leek he took years to properly grow and prepare for use in combat. Great personal triumph aside, though...he's a cocky bird, a bit too fond of his life's work that he might prove troublesome to get to work well with others. But hey, maybe he'll be like Bonewhacker and reach his full potential as a teammate and friend with a little time and patience.

Angelo is "Appetizer", which fits him surprisingly well as he's usually the first one to fight (either him or Myra, especially if dealing with Ground-types) and also the one with the fastest moves out of any of the team members, which is usually enough to whittle away at the defenses before letting the others finish up the job. While he's not the strongest fighter, he IS the most skilled, having excelled in nearly every blade-based move a Farfetch'd can learn, made all the more dangerous thanks to Bonewhacker's size.

Angelo still doesn't know what to make of the team. While thankful for the opportunity to be able to compete and demonstrate to the world the power that his family-bred leeks possess, there's still much to learn as a student and a teammate. On the other hand, he can't help but smile in amusement at Lilly's childlike cheerfulness and the fact that Michi sees him as an older brother. Myra rubs him the wrong way, though, which is something he's gonna need time to overcome.

Fun facts:

  • Angelo is still currently single and looking. He especially favors Grass-type women for reasons all his own.

  • Originally from Alto Mare in Johto, Angelo is on leave training in Viridian at his uncle's garden, tending to the Spiggolo leeks as well as other exotic edible plants while also keeping up with his studies. His parents, (Eduardo and Izabel De Kanto, both Farfetch'd), continue to live in Johto. They keep in touch via email as well as magcargo mail. Worth noting, Angelo's family lineage originated in Kanto, hence his last name.

  • His nationality is Poke-Italian and his English is mediocre compared to his native language, though by gone will he try his darndest to get his message out somehow.

  • Unsurprising, he has very few Flying-based moves that require him to fly, as he prefers to keep his webbed feet firmly on the ground.

  • Bonewhacker's full name is "Bonewhacker the 3rd", as leeks, even special leeks, have short life expectancies, especially when used frequently as weapons. The name came about because that was what he named his very first leek when he was 10 years old. He has thought many times to rename his future weapons, but nostalgia always wins out over ridicule from people about his name choices.

  • Yes, the bird can cook fairly well, even if he's not quite as skilled as Myra and Lilly are. True to form, he specializes in vegetarian meals, soups and pastas, with a bit of bread-making mixed in as well. His uncle Fernando also has a home brewer system, though he's yet to entrust Angelo with his methods and Angelo is not really in any rush to learn it, as they're more for personal use than commercial like the vegetable garden is.

  • Besides practicing with his leek-sword and gardening, Angelo also enjoys exploring, tabletop and board games, reading literature, listening to classical music and staying out in the sun.

  • He's not very fond of fire and does NOT take well to jokes about setting his leek or his garden on fire, as a couple people have done in the past. That said, he typically does not turn violent unless pushed to the extreme. He's more or less okay with actual Fire-types that know how to behave themselves, however.

  • He's surprisingly poor at combat when lacking his leek, though he does have a couple tricks up his winged sleeve for those times people have him on the ropes.

  • Angelo's Ability is "Keen Eye", and how keen it is, indeed, at least when it comes to his work habits. He has something of a perfectionist eye for things and will probably yak up a storm if he sees something that is very fixable that is amiss.

  • Oftentimes the best way to confuse/irritate Angelo is by making phallic jokes in relation to his leek or his species. He's seen quite a bit of this in his time at school and he's still not quite sure where it all came from.

  • He lacks a car, but does have a bicycle he uses to get around, even to go to school...even though the farm is significantly far away from said school. He's very okay with people giving him rides, though, as he's not THAT masochistic.

  • Lilly, Myra and Angelo's family do a lot of business together, as Uncle Fernando offers up his vegetables to both the catering business and the restaurant, respectively. It's how they originally met, in fact.

  • His favorite food? Cobb salad. His least favorite food? Things that are too bitter or sour to eat, with lemons being the odd exception when in combination with something else.

  • He favors calling out his attacks in Poke-Italian when fighting. Most of his attacks are based around using his leek offensively (Leaf Blade, Slash, Poison Jab, Air Cutter, etc), though he does have a few surprise tricks like Brave Bird, Featherdance and Retaliate that don't exclusively require his leek for combat.

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