The two main passions and driving facets of my life are video games and history.

I'm a huge gamer. I love video games and play everything except sports and racing. I have been collecting since the days of Nintendo and have never gotten rid of any system or game I've owned. I currently possess 364 video games spanning 14 systems. However, that count does not include downloaded games (though I should probably start adding them) or computer games, and they go all the way back to the Commodore 64! Basically, if I'm not working, eating or sleeping, I'm playing video games. :3

If you want a gamer friend, feel free to add me!

PS3: Haruii (Look for me in LBP! :D)

360: Harui_Komah

Wii: 7876 7199 8685 1387

And, of course, World of Warcraft. I'm Komah on Dalaran.

I love history. That's all there is to it, really. My areas of interest include: Dinosaurs and pterosaurs; Ancient Egypt (all aspects); medieval period (mostly arms and armor, some lifestyle); Victorian/Edwardian period; Titanic; Nikola Tesla; samurai/samurai armor; Norse Mythology; historic fashions from all periods; prehistoric humans/homonids; some WWII; general prehistory; general ancient civilizations.

I enjoy reading and estimate that I own around 500 books. I take any opportunity to exercise my brain and love solving puzzles and riddles.

Other interests of mine include writing, anime, movies, comics, dragons, dinosaurs, Star Wars, Transformers(G1), history, drawing, Mechwarrior, general geek things.


Video games: If I'm not working, eating or sleeping, I'm playing video games.

History: I have a passion for it. Major areas of interest include dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, and Victorian/Edwardian period.

Books: I read them. Lots of them. I have more books than places to put them.

Geek: I am proud to be one. Video games, anime, Star Wars, Tranformers, comic books, fantasy, sci-fi... you get the idea.

Food: I'm always in the mood to eat, especially if it's sushi!


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