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Commission queue (in no particular order, mainly for my reference and tracking):

~ This gallery is here to showcase my commissions, work involving my characters and the characters of my significant other, fantasy art and anything else I decide as well as post chapters, character art and concepts from my work-in-progress urban fantasy story known as Uncanny Hosts. and my ongoing pet project fantasy setting Alteir. As a note for those of you wondering, yes I have characters and creations that could fall under the "anthro" category, but I do not classify myself as a furry in any way. That being said, I still love drawing them. I'm just a fantasy artist through and through! And my folks thought it was a passing phase...



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Sorry for being a bit distant lately.

on 18 April 2017 at 21:15:22 MDT

What it says on the tin. This happens every year before BLFC and as usual I'm incredibly busy getting my commission queue cleared so I can focus the rest of my attention on art show pieces (which I'm excited about, not going to lie). I have enough energy for Twitter, some Tumblr and Discord here and there but Weasyl and FA generally get left out of the loop. I've been lagging behind on my uploads but I've been trying to stagger them the past week and a half so you guys haven't been getting flooded.

That aside, I am fucking excited for BLFC, since so far this is the only con we can generally manage to go to without fail (that might change next year, we'll see). The only time you'll see me outside my mad scientist lair and wandering out in the wild and even more surprisingly my wife as well. Who of all of you will be there?

My list of personal goals after the con is over:
~ Get. On. Trades. I got a lot of them and I've been chomping at the bit a little in getting these started but I haven't been able to yet.
~ More worldbuilding and tabletop-oriented stuff.
~ Get more commissions (a given).
~ Attempt to survive another summer.

I hope all you freaks and geeks are keeping well or at least keeping on.

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    Hey, thanks! And I should say, if I've never said, that I've kind of always loved your artwork.

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    Hey there! Thank you very much for watching my gallery here! Have a great week!

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    Thankyou! Your work is very lovely aswell. :D and yes, its always great to find more people that are on Weasyl, The setup of this website is really quite nice!

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    <3 your art always makes me happy.

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      Oh goodness you're too sweet, you're going to make these ears blush haha. The feeling is mutual! Somewhat related, I need to remind myself to update character reference sheets so I can bug you about either an eventual trade or commission.

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        Aaaahhhhh yesss!!! Anytime ^___^ I would be so so happy to do a trade! <3333

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          Awesome! I don't want to commit to anything currently since I got commissions to work on, but I want to chew through these as fast as I can, then I'll contact you (either here or on Twitter) and see if we can't set something up! I need to whip up better references of most of my characters anyway.

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            Perfect!! :D Works for me! <3333