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Hobbyist novelist, some-the-time artist, professional astronomer.

Buy my short novel The Way to the Lonely Valley at Fenris Publishing:


Frank LeRenard

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New book out

My new novel, "The Way to the Lonely Valley", is available for purchase via Fenris Publishing:

The full plot summary is available there, if interested. The book is a light fantasy narrative I wrote the first draft of more than a decade ago, as my first successful NaNovel, so it isn't much longer than that original 50k words. In the book, the characters travel on a journey in pursuit of a place one of them sees in a recurring dream, which is actually based on a recurring dream I had for a few years back when I was much younger. The book's intro chapter is also based on a dream I had a long time ago, which was very vivid and sticks with me until today (although in that dream, I--as in, the dream's point of view character, since I typically dream in third person--was a cat and not a lizard). So the book plays around with a theme, and I'll give everyone ten guesses as to what that is.

I wouldn't say it has anything specific to say about that theme, although maybe it does. One person who already left a review on Goodreads found quite a lot of its politics. The most I could hope for from potential readers is that they come away with some kind of feeling that sticks with them for a little while.

If you do read it and enjoy it, do try to leave a review somewhere, or at least tell someone about it or give them your copy or whatever. Even though it's short, it did take a fair amount of work, on both my part and on the part of the publisher and editor. It's appropriate for audiences of all ages. I even refrained from cussing.

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