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Coffee Break by MLR

Coffee Break


Sitting around somewhere sipping coffee.

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    Somehow, I can picture a short situation for this.

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      That's cool. I was just kind of playing around, adding elements one at a time while trying to maintain a slightly solemn atmosphere.
      Let me know if you write something for it. Those are always enjoyable.

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    Ooohhh this is really pretty. Reminds me of when I went to see the mountains one day when I was younger..... How nostalgic xp

    It's interesting how he has that kind of posture and expression like its not thaaat big of a deal but the building is clearly broken. Or maybe he did it. Or maybe he found it there, but it looks like he's enjoying a cup of tea...
    The addition of the moon/planet with its own satellite really adds to it I think.. at least to the mystery.
    Yeah this is really cool, and the way you painted it too, I love your use of all the duller colours <3

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      Thank you for the detailed comment! I'm glad you enjoy it.
      The moon with a moon was kind of a last-minute addition. I based its look a bit off the ice giants' (Uranus and Neptune) moons.

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    Your talent gets better and better.

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      Aw, thanks.