I'm a Colorado native and a graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, armed with a BFA in illustration and a love for fantasy, anthro, and animal art! Working full time as a freelance illustrator, the majority of my time is spent creating art for clients. I do not accept requests, trades, or collaborations, nor do I enter contests! Sadly I cannot afford to spend time on any art that won't help me pay my bills. I'm a full time artist, so these commissions pay my living expenses. When I do get free time I like to work on my own illustrations and personal work.

I only open up for commissions via journal post, so keep an eye on my journal if you are interested in a commission!

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Please EMAIL me for questions about commissions instead of sending me a note! - WolfNymph AT gmail DOT com



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A Death, another frackin' emergency + work!

on 27 October 2017 at 19:01:55 MDT

Hi guys, I'm not dead I promise! I've been busting my butt on a Patreon project that was meant to catch up on months of Patreon backlogged work from around the wedding time. It's a 10 page TeaFeathers comic, and I'm about halfway through. The pages maaaay be a bit more detailed than needed out of a comic, but I am really liking the way they looks so far. I'm thinking about posting what I have so my account doesn't seem so dead, and then working on the rest as soon as things calm down around here.

Outside of that, another bit of an emergency has come up. My cat Loaf is recovering from a severe anal gland infection, on antibiotics and gabapentin for pain. We took her into the vet after noticing her fussing over her backside, and not eating. The vet originally said she likely had a disc injury in the base of her tail, but the next day the swelling on her poor butt was very hard to ignore... We took her back in, and another vet (same clinic) correctly diagnosed her. I'm actually pretty upset that the original doc missed the infection. The other vets at this clinic are people I've been taking my animals to since before Loaf was born, and they're GREAT with Loaf. But this lady has been working there for about a year and a half, and hadn't seen Loaf before. I'm not going to make any appointments with her again, Loaf will only see the trusted docs who know her well, and are good at their jobs. Sheesh! At least she's on the mend, even though she's very sullen at having to wear the cone and be confined to my office. Her rear still looks pretty gross and uncomfortable, but I have faith the antibiotics will do their work, and she'll be ok in a couple of weeks.

In addition, a friend from a long time ago recently passed away, leaving me feeling pretty low. He was my boss when I worked at the library at my art school nearly 10 years ago now, his death was very sudden. We liked to talk politics and popular TV shows when we worked together, he was there to bounce a lot of ideas off of back when Obama was first running for president. He had insights I hadn't considered, and he was fantastic at creating a relaxed library environment. He taught me to care for the books, and even gifted me with a couple copies of my favorite books when I graduated and left the library job behind. I haven't seen him in a couple years, but I did visit specifically to see him occasionally. I really regret not going to see him in recent years... You never know who will be gone from your life. Connect with people while you still can.

It's been an absolute hell week with little sleep, and even less productivity. I'm incredibly sorry to everyone who has been waiting for their art. I'm trying really hard to not open for more commissions, but I think some in-stream sketches might become a necessity soon. At the very least, keep an eye out for some comic pages soon!

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Character Vignette - 7 to 12 hours
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to $ 420.00
Full Illustration - 20+ hours
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to $ 980.00
Portraits - 3 to 5 hours
from $ 105.00
to $ 175.00


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I work at an hourly rate of $35/hour, and each commission will take a different amount of time. Above is a guide for approximately how long something might take, but my estimate will be different for each commission. Please have a look at this guide, then email me with visual references and an idea of what you might want for a more accurate estimate.

In the event I go overtime, the extra time I spend on a commission is absolutely free of charge. If I go under the estimated time, you will be refunded the difference. As the artist, it is my responsibility to uphold my estimate. I broadcast the work of these commissions via my Livestream to validate my hours via viewers, or recorded video of the stream


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    Hey! I'm not particularly a fan of Bucky but I've been sending your Bucky pictures to one of my friends and I just wanted to let you know that she's been going nuts over them ;w;/ she really loves how you paint him >w<

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      Aaaw, that's awesome! :D I am really hoping to make more sometime soon.

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        i love when you post like at all and it was definitely particularly great to see him and she said she can't wait <3

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    your art is beautiful
    you are beautiful

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