I'm a Colorado native and a graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, armed with a BFA in illustration and a love for fantasy, anthro, and animal art! Working full time as a freelance illustrator, the majority of my time is spent creating art for clients. I do not accept requests, trades, or collaborations, nor do I enter contests! Sadly I cannot afford to spend time on any art that won't help me pay my bills. I'm a full time artist, so these commissions pay my living expenses. When I do get free time I like to work on my own illustrations and personal work.

I only open up for commissions via journal post, so keep an eye on my journal if you are interested in a commission!

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Please EMAIL me for questions about commissions instead of sending me a note! - WolfNymph AT gmail DOT com



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State of the Artist; impaired but improving

on 15 January 2018 at 06:48:32 MST

I posted a similar update in a recent upload, but I realize it would be helpful to post an update in a journal for people who come to visit my page. In November I sustained a work related injury (yes, art work) that left me with some physical limitations. I was doing longer work days than usual, trying to catch up with art after months of emergency after emergency, and I pushed myself much too far. At the time, I could not feel half of my drawing hand, had numbness spreading across my upper back/scapula area, across my chest, into parts of my face, and I was having painful muscle spasms.

I ended up going to urgent care when the pain wouldn't die down, where I got a prescription for some muscle relaxers, lidocaine patches, and a referral to an orthopedist. Orthopedist checked all my bones, nothing skeletal that could ave caused this, which is good! Though I do have a weirdly perfectly straight neck. Cervical vertebrae are supposed to have a curve to their alignment, mine do not. It's suspected that's a result of years of horrible posture and working at a computer. To rule out any nerve damage, I got scheduled for a nerve conductivity test. I had to wait more than a month for it though, so in the mean time I was assigned physical therapy!

Physio is going rather well, though I'm having a hard time keeping up with it every day. It takes time to create good habit though, I'll keep picking at it. Most of my therapy surrounds posture and nerve "flossing", which sounds really icky but it's actually quite helpful. They are specific exercises aimed at stretching your nerves and releasing them from any entangled fascia (connective tissue) that might be entrapping them and causing inflammation. I can tell when a bit of fascia comes loose because I'll get a little sudden zing/tingle, then it fades. All of these exercises looks exceedingly easy, but it's a testament to how messed up my body is that they are all painful and difficult for me.

Some come January and I get the nerve conductivity test! If you've ever had one done, it's odd and kind of uncomfortable, but not so bad. They use electrodes and needles to measure electric pulses they send through your nerves, and measure how quickly the electricity moves down the nerve. I got the results just a couple days ago and...!! There is no nerve damage. Sort of a happy let-down so to speak. Happy because it means I don't need surgery or steroid injections, but a let-down because I still don't know what's wrong with me.

I'm placing my bet that it's a combination of shitty posture and over work. I'm sticking with my physio, and revamping my work space to be more ergonomic with the guidance of my physical therapist. Some things have been adjusted successfully, but I desperately need a new work chair, and I'm making plans to build a standing desk platform to set on my current desk. I'm planning a whole separate write-up on my work space, ergonomics, and all that stuff for a later date. I think it would be helpful info for some of you guys to prevent this from happening to you!

So where does that leave me with work? Digitally painting is, so far, the most painful activity I can do. With very frequent rest and stretching breaks (more than before) I can do about three ours a day without inducing muscle spasms. Typing is something I can also do, but it's not the best. Numbness and tingling return when I'm at my computer no matter what I'm doing. I have, tentatively, set myself up for an art work schedule that is very limited, but still get things done. I will keep improving my work space, my posture, and keep doing physio, Hopefully with time I'll be able to do more and more art per day!

In the meantime if you're on my commission list or have emailed me, please be patient. I'm trying to respond to emails within three days of receiving them, but since typing aggravates things I'm trying to allocate more of my spoons towards art. I am doing my best given my new physical limitations, and that is STILL marching forward an getting art done for you guys! No matter what! <3

Oh, and in the interim my husband had yet another medical emergency which landed him in the hospital for several days over Christmas. Really, a very terrible Christmas activity, being in the hospital. Same problem as when he was hospitalized several months ago, but this time they decided an exploratory endoscopic surgery was a good idea. And it really was! They found he had a congenitally narrow bile duct, which was blocking the release of bile into his intestinal tract. He's been dealing with extremely painful episodes for his whole life, and this might have been the solution. His poor liver and gallbladder have suffered for years because of this one... tiny...freaking....thing. He may still have to have his gallbladder out someday, but for now it's not infected or inflamed. And theoretically this will also improve his ability to digest dietary fats, though he's still on his usual low fat diet to ease the pressure on those organs which help process fat.

tldr; Everything in my life is still on fire, husband and drawing arm included. But we're seemingly getting better, and at least Loaf is doing very well! If the cat is ok, then I am ok.

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I work at an hourly rate of $35/hour, and each commission will take a different amount of time. Above is a guide for approximately how long something might take, but my estimate will be different for each commission. Please have a look at this guide, then email me with visual references and an idea of what you might want for a more accurate estimate.

In the event I go overtime, the extra time I spend on a commission is absolutely free of charge. If I go under the estimated time, you will be refunded the difference. As the artist, it is my responsibility to uphold my estimate. I broadcast the work of these commissions via my Livestream to validate my hours via viewers, or recorded video of the stream


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