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Darador by Pechschwinge (critique requested)

Darador (critique requested)


Darador, Dragon of Justice

Servant of Praios to fight against any foe who seeks to destroy the balance of Dere.
The lines are made with ink traditionally. I scanned the picture and tried a cellshading technique I've seen in a cubebrush-Video. It worked very well for me. =)
This was made around christmas but I totally forgot about it until I've seen that a good friend of mine uses it as a wallpaper for her tablet. x_______x How do I can even forget about my own pieces? ugh, I'm the worst, seriously.

And it just came to my mind I'm working on 'The Dark Eye' any working day and I'm still eager to do some fanart about it's pretty awesome creatures and NPCs. Either I'm totally crazy or just really happy lol =D

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    Very nice! I love the details on the scales!
    However, im finding it difficult to focus on the dragon because of the composition. The big wing has high contrasts with the background and this draws my eyes back there over and over, even though, as nice as they are, they arent as detailed and interesting as the dragon itself.

    Still, i really like the picture!

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      Thanks a lot for your critique. I see the problem now too =)

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    I really, really like this one. The feeling those ethereal wings gives is so otherworldly. Beautiful! <3