Norse Harui by Harui (critique requested)

Norse Harui (critique requested)


23 January 2013 at 23:00:25 MST

I've long known that I have German and Italian blood--my immediate grandparents were such--but fairly recently I learned that we also have quite a lot of Scandinavian ancestry, which means there is a chance that I am of Norse heritage. Having long been a fan of the Norse culture and mythology, this greatly excited me, and I couldn't help but draw Harui as Norse!

ART NOTES: The background is not mine. I found it randomly on the internet. I cannot fully take credit for the torso; I used for help with the angle. I also traced the basket (no way I could get that accurate on my own), but it was a royal pain to color. I never want to draw a basket again. T.T Shading is not my forte (well, let's face, nothing concerning drawing is my forte), but I think I did alright. I learned a fair bit in the process, but I think I might try something else. I do believe that this is my best line art yet, though, and overall, I am quite pleased with it.

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