Hikaru (lines) by Harui (critique requested)

Hikaru (lines) (critique requested)


21 April 2013 at 16:59:15 MDT

I was listening to sme of my random Japanese CDs, and the theme song for Magic Knight Rayearth came on and I suddenly wanted to draw Hikaru. I'm glad I acted on the urge, because I think it came out GREAT! I chose the fourth evolution armor because it's my favorite, although it has the shortest time in the anime. Luckily I have an MKR art book I was able to ref the armor from. Now just to color! :D Feel free to color it yourself, but if you do, please send a link back my way. :3

I referenced the pose, and traced the sword (that thing is complex! :/) but the rest is me! :3 I had a hard time with her head and face because CLAMP makes such HUGE eyes and poofy hair. I also had a hard time with the pauldrons. I don't really think the right one (her left, our right) would sit like that, but I I tried doing different things and nothing really looked right. I got tired of messing with it, and so left it at the plain angle.

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