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Welcome - Bienvenido - Wilkommen - Przywitanie - Ласкаво пожаловать - велцоме - добро пожаловать - Chào mừng - 欢迎 - 환영
I am Mishkaryova Krasnodon. You may call me Mishya, Kazzy, The Last of the Soviets, or Mr. KGB Man. And this is my Weasyl page. Welcome to it~ :3

Let me start by telling a little bit about myself:

★ I've into the furry fandom since high school, prior things leading up to it, but feel as if I don't deserve to call myself a furry (since I have never made a fursuit and/or attended a convention). I [almost always] draw anthro characters, as I find them more interesting than ferals and humans (I can draw them too, but don't like to).
☆ I draw strictly with pencil and paper, and have never learned, can afford, nor have the patience for digital art/tablets. I don't have the time to learn.
★ My art content is a unique mix of [mostly] G/PG-rated stuff, ideologically sensitive material, [some] violence, and [mild] sexual situations. If anything I draw offends you, please GTFO.
☆ I am a big fanatic of Soviet (and Russian) history, culture, militaria, and collectibles. Once again, if this happens to offend you, (which I don't know many people who are) than my page is not for you.
★ Я говорю на русском и английского. (I speak English and Russian), mostly English though.
☆ I'm related to a KGB agent, so don't fuck with me.
★ You can find me on Weasyl and Furaffinity, do a search for SpetsnazKaz.
☆ My updates are infrequent, as I attend college, work two jobs, and tend to family on certain occasions. Do not pester me about when my next update will be; I am in no hurry.
(Inb4 My activity is mostly restricted to night time, after 10:00 pm EST, as that's usually when I sort my inbox, answer comments, and occasionally, post new pictures, if you want to catch me then).
★ I have a bad habit of not finishing things. [Much] of the art I will be posting will be revivals/finished originals of older drawings, because I have not finished a lot of them; some may even be colored.
☆ Also, I don't believe in commissions, because I can draw well enough to make my own art without having spent any money. Also, I don't like giving my credit card information to people. I don't do commissions because I don't want to run the risk of people bitching about my prices, since my art is high quality. For me, art is a hobby, and I will do it for fun. And if I have the time, I will give gifts (only to good friends) and offer art trades (to those on a close enough skill level as me).

Thanks for your time, and I hope this was useful.


Mishya Krasnodon
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