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Sunshine of Hope by SpetsnazKaz (critique requested)

Sunshine of Hope (critique requested)


23 May 2015 at 11:56:27 MDT

Солнце Надежды -Sunshine of Hope

Everyone please stand for the March of Stalin's Air Force. - Каждый человек пожалуйста, встаньте на март авиация Сталина.

Making reference to my last picture, this is one I made for Larissa which I [personally] think is a lot better. I haven't drawn a good picture of Larissa in a while, and I made myself happy with this one. And I loved drawing every minute of this one, as it is a perfect contrast to Mishya's picture. The pencil shading looks like a photonegative version of Mishya's, as he had a black suit on and light fur. Larissa has a white suit and black fur, and I captured that well in a compare-and-contrast-type setting. Surprisingly, I referenced this picture off of Mishya's pic and it looks different and not like an exact copy. You can easily tell that she looks more female by looking at her face and the details just follow up to that. And I've been meaning to make a [better] reference for Larissa in her white uniform for a long time now, this being good practice. I have also taken the artistic liberty of giving her a different hair style just because. Unlike Mishya's pic, this one uses five colors. :p

A lot of you may or may not know the flag in the background, its supposed to be the banner of the Soviet Air Force.

Larissa © SpetsnazKaz

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