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My Colors Never Fade by SpetsnazKaz

My Colors Never Fade


23 May 2015 at 11:54:59 MDT

Мои цвета не увядает - My Colors Never Fade

Everyone, please stand for the national anthem of the Russian Federation. - Каждый человек, пожалуйста, встаньте на гимна Российской Федерации.

I had this picture already done in time for May 9th, but was distracted with other things and forgot, plus I had other artwork to go along with this (and thankfully I had this done in advance). But I tried a new style with it and used Mishya as the subject to create a very patriotic image. The style was inspired by my previous pictures, one being this one, as well as the aforementioned one, as the pencil shades contrast the bright marker to create a strong color symbolism. As far as the pencil shading goes on Mishya, I tried to give him simpler details to give the whole piece that nice painted look. The addition of his AK and sword strapped to his back made a nice touch as to add some [minor] detail as well as prevent the picture from looking too empty. Counting the black of the pencil, this picture only uses four colors.

Memorial Day (I think this is an American holiday only?) is coming up, and this could make for a good military-themed picture to honor the [Russian] troops. :p

(And as a mild spoiler alert, I might offer these as commissions during the summer since I have time now to do so).
Mishya © SpetsnazKaz

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