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I'll be off and on here with art due to lack of time so posting may be a little inconsistent

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I'm back! Also update. Requests?

on 15 November 2015 at 21:56:29 MST

Hey all. Sorry I've been missing from this site for quite some time! I've been really busy with uni things, getting kicked out from home, trying not to be homeless, etc. Yeah a lot has happened! But I'm really looking to post more here soon.

I've been doing more with ink and such so I'll probably upload some snippets from my comics.

Also, I've been really wanting to do some fanart. Like general stuff. Do any of you have any requests? Favorite characters you'd like to see? Now's your chance to get to decide what content you'd want!

The main stuff I'm into right now or generally familiar with consists of: Dragon Age, Steven Universe, Undertale (current) And most animal-related animes and books.

So if you have some favorite characters you want to see (no personal ones though, that's the only rule here!) you can give some suggestions! And since these are requests, I can't guarantee when I'll have everything finished but I'll try my best.

I hope everyone's been doing alright. I've honestly had a bit of a tough time but I'm looking forward to talking again with some of my friends here. Best, <3

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    thanks <3

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    Your style is so adorable :3

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      Thank you so much! I appreciate all of the favs !

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    wow,, i really love your style!

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      Thank you so much! Yours is great as well! (sorry I think I also replied this on your page)

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    OH HEYYY thank you for the follow!

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      you're very welcome!! ;---;

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    AHHHH thank you so much! ; u ; <3