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The Dark Side of the Lab by SpetsnazKaz

The Dark Side of the Lab


5 May 2015 at 16:11:16 MDT

Suggested listening: The Imperial March - Lord Vader's Theme

“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force... I find your lack of faith disturbing.” -Lord Vader, Star Wars - A New Hope, Episode IV

I know it's technically May the 5th, but I've been working on this since yesterday and didn't get the chance to post it until now. :p
Introducing Mishya's cosplay as the infamous Lord Vader, or at least a mask modeled after his face. And I don't think I've seen a rendition of Vader's mask modeled after a Labrador before, so I may have been the first to actually do so. I may not be the biggest Star Wars fan, but this had to be done. This was a really fun picture to draw, as I looked forward to the challenge. While it took a lot of planning to draw out the features, surprisingly it didn't take me long to complete; only like two hours. I used a random picture of Vader's mask I found on Google to loosely reference off of, in terms of shading and appearance. All I could say is that I'm really proud of this simple picture, as it tested my shading skills with [black] monochrome.

And unlike a lot of my other pics, I signed it using my real name (a couple of my recent pics are signed with my real name, but it was written in the proper Russian). First picture in my gallery to show my name in English, and I tried to imitate the classic Star Wars font with ink pen while doing so. Plus, I feel more comfortable using my real name online.

I hope you enjoy, and May the Fourth be with you.

Mishya © SpetsnazKaz
Darth Vader © Lucasfilm

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