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Flight by Dreams by SpetsnazKaz

Flight by Dreams


17 April 2015 at 18:00:22 MDT

Beneath the vast open skies
We flutter like paper planes in the wind
Soaring across the great fields of sunshine
And experience new heights
For we are one in the same
Traveling together, but with a different journey all our own

Romantic little pencil drawing of Mishya I did back in February around the time of Valentine's day. I had a really great emotional experience drawing this because I was nearly in tears when I finished it. The symbolism is amazing and it doesn't take a lot of heart to see the feelings I expressed through this piece. There is just too much I could say about this, but I am at a simple loss of words. As it did give me a chance to try out different types of dark shading as well as using varying tones of red as an accent. You really feel immersed in the piece as you get a sense of being there under the winds that carry the petals and paper planes. And let's not forget in the background the plane that soars above all else, the mighty Tu-104 airliner.

Also a good opportunity to write my signature in English this time~
Mishya © SpetsnazKaz

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