Sippin' Tea by RainbowFoxy

Sippin' Tea


23 August 2015 at 17:09:55 MDT

Mfw I see these glorious 'political debates' popping up in my Facebook feeds from Facebook friends feeling a bit too brave. C'mon guys, it's 2015. Does Mark Zuckerberg himself have to personally tell you that you're gonna have a bad time?

Also, yes, I definitely will be laughing if/when your ass gets absolutely DRAGGED in the comments.

A little bit of a de-stress doodle and sketch to get me the hell back into my art groove; I've been in a mini funk that needs to get the hell out of here. Meet Niki, my upcoming fursona (that still needs some work, to be honest!). She is everything me as close as you can get, from the hair, body type, moles, clothes, eyes, and 'tude right down to the name.

You can still feel free to call her Foxy though, thats definitely a valid nickname. Hell, my circle of friends hasn't used my name since I met them, its been 'Foxy' for years now lmao. But if you could avoid calling my Niki unless you're like a very close friend, I would really appreciate it.

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