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an update about the fanfic and a question about the rules

on 16 May 2020 at 19:14:50 MDT

hi guys, i wanna let you know about the fanfic ones

i listened to NovaCaine and copied and paste my fanfics on the literature instead (i changed the tittle incase i don't remember where it belongs to but i deleted all of the fanfics on the journal so don't worry i won't make that mistake again, i'm just here for a week)
just know that i maked them on DeviantArt website so i'll edit it soon especially at the end when i said i'm not that good with writting stuff, i became better in this a bit, i still have to learn how to become an better writter
(i also put the last 4 or so fanfic i'm still working on, i also edit it soon)

and before putting more of the sailor makers which isn't characters, is it okay to put more of the Sailor Makers here?

it's made from Sailor Maker/Doll Maker, just thought i ask, i only made like 7 of them,
it's just Changing Gender Sailor imagine (ya know when you imagine how they would be like in a female form in a sailor suit) and the Sailor makers that usually belongs to something else (to characters that usually belongs to sega till disney or anime ones and rarely the real people)

i ask this first because i don't wanna count it as spam, i can promise to not send the link where i got them if it isn't allowed though, i respect that and it's understandable at somehow ;)

don't want to get kicked out just because i'm new here and me not reading the rules or something
i do have my own drawnings outside the internet ;)

just thought i ask this carefully about the Sailor Maker, i can also delete the Sailor Makers outside the characters since i don't have much of them yet ;)

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