TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 8) by Sailorplanet97

TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 8)


16 May 2020 at 17:40:46 MDT

a few hours after Drake maked a plan to change into a sun (sorta like in Sailor moon movie called The Black Dream Hole)
Leontine was conciouss again after Drake thought he killed her with the mirror glass thingy
and it's a good thing she was conciouss again and woke up because she no longer is the only one here to save the whole Neverland
just so the fairies could change the seasons again, but she's somewhere else then where she was the last time against Drake
her hair however is a mess, her clothes is messed up like her clothes was in fire (which isn't but by the look of it, it looks like that)
and she has a scar on her face (like Scar and Kovu from The Lion King)
but something glowed when Leontine was somewhere else and lost

Leontine: ugh where am i (she opened her eyes and is confussed and scared)
it was blurry but then it went better and it wasn't blurry anymore, she could thank the second star
Leontine: is it the second star that brings me back to live? if so thank you second star!
but what am i gonna do now that i'm lost and confussed?
but then she heard voices which it don't come from her Boyfriend and tells her she can do it
and her sword came out of nowhere and glowed, she touched it and it glowed very bright, even brighter then when Tink became a Tinker Fairy with her Hammer, but Leontine still don't know what to do since she's insolated, confussed and lonely

Leontine: even with this sword i can't do anything, i'm really weak, if only my friends were there for me, then we could've destroyed it (she said softly and sad)
i'm so lost, confussed and alone and i can't do anything to destroy him (she feels hopeless and about to cry)
i....i....i wish my friends were there with me, or maybe my boyfriend, but it's hopeless since they are dead now so it's hopeless (she sobs and sniffs)
she cries for like a few minutes and sat on the ground with her legs, her hands to her eyes and she teared much
but then she heard an familair voice and she thinks she just imagines it but then it became real

Male voice: i'm here with you
Leontine: i hear an, no....no it's just my imagine, there's no way, this just can't be real (she shaked her head with a no)
i think i'm gonna hallucinate with my imagine, this can't be happening now since i'm broken now
Caspar: you don't have to be alone and isolated (he gave her a pat)
Leontine: this can't be the familair voice i've been hearing
after that she looked around and turned to Caspar, she teared even more and leans on his shoulder
Leontine: omg it IS you, it's real! (her mouth and eyes are wide open now and she sobs and sniffs while leaning on his shoulder)
Caspar: yup, the one and only
(however called that when you miss the person in years or if you are looking for someone in years and then you finally found the person you were looking for)
Leontine: b....b....but i thought you were dead, i even watched you die, and do i smell that your now a mortal vampire now? (she gasped)
(she can't believe and blamed herself for this she also smell something that has change from her boyfriend)
Caspar: that's true i'm a mortal vampire now, i'll burn in the sun now but luckily me it's dark now
Leontine: how are you still alive anyway?
Caspar: i'll tell after the war is over, but i can tell that the mortal vampire girl saved me after the ceremony thing,
i wish it was you who i'd woke up with,
Leontine: oh my god really? i really wanted to hear that, i missed you like hell (she still teared up and leaned him tighter)
i.....i missed you like hell, and i'm also sorry for the mess i made and for moving on
Caspar: i missed you too, first of all you didn't made the mess, and i should be the one saying sorry because i should've came to pixie hollow
Leontine: but i shouldn't have give up on you, i literally thought you were dead (she protested)
Caspar: again i should be the one to blame, i should've come back to you sooner and destroy that drake thing and for giving up on you neither
Leontine: well you're here now, that's all that matters, we can destroy him together (she lighten her tears up and her sadness comes to happiness)
Caspar: do you even know what he's planned? (they get off from each other to think up a plan)
Leontine: not much only to destroy something, which i don't know
Caspar: he change into a sun to destroy everything
Leontine: we can destroy him before he damage everything in Neverland (she said knowing what to do)
Caspar: i don't know he's very strong, we might can hurt in process even when we destroy him
Leontine: everything is at risk but atleast we can save pixie hollow even if that means one of us might gonna die, and if WE die, we can die together
Caspar: i don't know, he even destroy us
Leontine: c'mon, when i'm around you i feel safe, strong and pretty outspoken, besides without the natural fairies the seasons never change (she place her hands to his hand)
Caspar: i'll always be there for you from now on, and alright, then what are we waiting for (Leontine smiled a bit with relief)
Leontine: which way are we going?
Caspar: this way, i know all the way here
they are gonna escape from the lost area and are on their way to Drake before he could do any damage,
Drake thinks he could get everything under controle but his words interrupted him when the 2 fairies shows up
he looks confussed and mad, (this continues to the next chapter)
this is gonna get better from now on, i hope you like this romantic chapter and by thinking up a plan on their way to Drake
i need to think up about the next chapter about how these 2 couple can destroy that monster, but it continues,
and it isn't dark like it used to be in a few previously parts and also i don't have much time now but i hope you like it?

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