Tinkerbell And The Strange Love (Deleted Scene) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Strange Love (Deleted Scene)


18 May 2020 at 10:54:11 MDT

i have something in my head because i saw a video (probably a deleted scene) about how everyone knows who's born in Tinkerbell movie (2008)
when fairy mary got invited about the academy but turned out a new fairy is gonna be born soon, blonde hair and blue eyes named Tinkerbell
and it inspirated me to do the Caspar version from it. so here we go i guess

Leontine: ugh, what day is it again? (she moaned and got up with her wild hair)
OH NO, I WAS INVITED TO AN FIGHTER ACADEMY TO LEARN FROM MY TALENT! (she screamed and flew as fast as they could)
a fairy: good luck with the academy, (the fireflies formed a letter)
Leontine: oh no i don't wanna be late.
(everyone is at the pixie dust tree, and she was just on time, vidia put the pollen right, just like in the Tinkerbell movie, and Terence put the pixie dust to the pollen)
all fairies: hello, (all of them are excited and looked happy)
Caspar: h-hello? (he said confussing)
a fairy: queen clarion!
Queen clarion: born of lafter, clowd and cheer, happiness is what brought you here, welcome to pixie hollow, i trust you'll find it here right?
Caspar: i....think so?
Queen clarion: now let's see those wings (she touch his wings)
everyone looked excited (queen clarion takes his hands and he flies a bit)
(queen clarion use her magic to get the sort of table here)
Caspar: uhm okay, that's okay i guess, (everyone put their talents there)
what are those things?
Queen clarion: they helps find your talent little one
Caspar: but how and why
queen clarion: you'll know, now go ahead
(he first touch the garden thing, then the water thingy, animal, tinker, fast flying, dust keeping, light, pixie dust alchemy, bladder and all the other things but nothing that comes up, till the sword came to him, not brought though, but he's not a fighter fairy is he? what talent is he)
everyone: oh wauw, (well expect Leontine since she already knew he isn't a fighter fairy but she keeps her mouth shut about it)
(tinkerbell and her friends are coming to each other and talks about a new fairy)
Queen clarion: come forward fighter fairies and welcomes to the new member of the fighter fairy, Caspar! (she sort of flew away)

Leontine: i don't know about this, i have a bad feeling about this but i keep it to myself (she said whispering and talking to herself)
(she then flew away and flies back to her home)
Tyger: hello there, i'm tyger
Jake: and i'm jake, now let us show you around pixie hollow
Caspar: oh uhm okay
Jake: nice to meet you, now there's so much to show you (the 2 boys explains about everyone's talent and bringing the seasons)
(they fly around to show all the area, fawn even waved at them, so did Tinkerbell and Zarina)
Tyger: welcome to this fighter area! (he pointed him at this area)
Caspar: oh wow (he said with joy)
Jake: now come on, there's so much to show you (they flew down)
Tyger: and this is house is where most of us lives
Jake: and this is your house- (he got interrupted by Tyger)
Tyger: and this is your house Caspar (Caspar got excited and wanted to know if it's him)
Jake: it sure is (they then explains about things and told them everything is at he's home)
Tyger: when your ready, come meet a woman fairy named Leontine, i'm sure she's excited to meet you
(Caspar then looked around his house, and maked his own clothes)

after a while he's ready and wanted to meet Leontine (she put it behind with his unknown talent and introduce herself)
Leontine: hello there (she waved at him and flew to him and greeted him)
it's very nice to meet you, i'm Leontine and i'm the strongest fighter fairy it is, (she showed him about how it works with the skills after that he meets her friends)

okay that's it, from all his friends he met Leontine first, Jake and Tyger are just his allies but not friends,
i hope you like this deleted scene?

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