TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 3) by Sailorplanet97

TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 3)


16 May 2020 at 17:24:24 MDT

you know i already have an idea that makes everyone, even the healing fairies looks like he's dead after the girls rushed him to the healing fairies
i'm not that good making story's but since i have something on my mind about Tinkerbell and her characters i thought i put it here
instead of bottle it up and feels bad in the future i always see how things turns out with the story's :P

it inspirated me by Nataliefirexx (a famous youtuber who has like 30000 subscribers already)
take a look at her channel by this link www.youtube.com/user/NatalieFi… i know she's making sims 2 series but sometimes she gives me inspirations
and then i think of an idea, but i also remember i used to be fan of Sailor moon and remembered some stuff about her episodes but also her movies so that explains a lot why i sort of copied the idea of Sailor moon aswell :)
but enough about me i'll see how it turns out :P

the girls rushed to the healing talent fairy and put him in a hospital bed (sort of) and the healing talent fairy checks if he's gonna be alright
Leontine explains what has happened to him since she was there during the attack and told them all she tried to help and rescue him
but she didn't knew how, she didn't even knew how to help him even though she tried to catch him with her hair (since her hair is just like Rapunzel/Tangled)
but she almost got hit by many hyenas by her hair, she's feeling hopeless and blames everything to herself but neither her or Caspar brought both of them in danger
since Drake planned everything out and put mostly Caspar in danger, but it was time that Leontine tells her friends the truth about the treat she got with a note

healing talent fairy: what happen to him?
Leontine: i....i can e....explain (she stuttered and was feeling hopeless)
healing talent fairy: let's hear it (she let her speak)
Leontine: i wasn't there at the time he was just chilling at the rocks, out of pixie hollow but i do know that he needed a break to spend the time on his own.
but then he got attacked by many hyenas, i didn't knew at first he was there at the rocks i come when i need my break sometimes
but when i wanna practice for my skills i got a bad feeling about something, like someone is in danger or something,
i flew closer and closer and it was from bad to worse, and my instict was right, he was there hiding in a hole while many hyenas tries to kill him (everyone's eyes got wide open and gasped with their mouths open)
......and sigh (she was hesistated, she took a deep breath and paused to keep herself calm even though she gets in tears)
i'm about to blame myself for not being in there earlier, because he was hiding in a hole and the hyenas eventually found him, i wasn't able to rescue him.
that is all my fault all mine, i should be there for him and fly away with him in a better place instead of hiding somewhere dumb where everyone could find you eventually (she sobs and cries)
i wouldn't be able to live with myself if he's really dead since i watched him fell
the healing talent fairy checks on Caspar, and so did the girls but Leontine walked to the wall crying out loud with her hands placed to her eyes
Leontine: i can't believe i put him but also myself in danger and get to blame myself if he isn't alive anymore (she said it softly and sobbing)
Fawn: oh come on Lee, you tried your best to get him out of the situation (she walked to her and said comforting her and placed her hands to Leo's arms)
Silvermist: yeah and atleast you tried to rescue him and your instict were right the whole time, if it weren't for you, then we'll never know what would've happened to him (she said with sympathetic)
Leontine: i guess your right, i will be better soon
Silvermist: promise?
Leontine: i promise
Fawn: yeah don't let that tragic hits you (both Silvermist and Fawn hugged her)
Leontine: i just hope he's gonna be okay
Silvermist: he will (she just try to be positive)

after a while all the girls have bad news that needs to be shared,

Healing talent fairy: well i have bad news girls (the doctor had a sad look and said it friendly)
Leontine: i wanna hear everything at this point
Healing talent fairy: he got a brain damage on that fall and lost amount of blood on his brain, and i'm sorry to tell you all this but he passed away
everyone gasped
Leontine: WHAT?! OH NO JUST LIKE I THOUGHT (she said blaming herself and got a bit mad at the same time)
Tinkerbell: i'm so sorry, i really am
Leontine: HE'S DEAD BECAUSE OF ME, IT'S ALL MY FAULT (she said with frustrating, angry and crying at the same time)
Rosetta: this is not your fault sugar, you couldn't prevented this and besides he didn't saw it coming neither
Leontine: you don't understand me Ro the guilt is trapped inside me, and don't you dare saying it just happened (she calmed down by Rosetta)
Rosetta: i don't say it happened, i'm just reasonable (she said friendly)
Leontine: i just put him and danger and now he's dead because of me, i feel so trapped (she said sobbing)
Vidia: Leo i know how you feel, trust me i had that time once too when i had to rescue Tink when i accidently put her in danger while i tried to teach her a lesson after i slammed the door
by the fairy house that was made by humans, i tried to get her out but the door was stuck, that was right before the little girl named Lizzy was coming to get Tink
i eventually told our friends the truth and they all forgived me, and during that time i changed for the better, so yes i was once in your shoes but you didn't put him in danger
you never did, you didn't knew he was gonna be in danger you atleast tried to help him
iridessa: yeah and we'll be there for you, he'll always love you and always will, no matter what even though he's dead now
Leontine: i don't know what to say (she said putting her hand to her neck)
Zarina: don't feel guilty about yourself, i know in my experience i put everyone in danger when my mind was f*cked up at the time and use the puffy to get everyone to sleep
but what i didn't knew was the pirates were using me the whole time and i also messed everything up after i wanna knew where pixie can be used for and was leaving pixie hollow to join the pirates
and i don't want you to turn out like me
Tinkerbell: everything happens for a reason, i also experiences with many bad stuff and when i was new in pixie hollow i was just about to leave pixie hollow till Terence explained about his talent
and that he's at the same shoes as me for thinking his talent is also useless like me but then he made me realise about how important my talents are and i decided to stay
Leontine: everything happens for a reason huh? (she's still sad about Caspar's death but she starts to understand how everyone can have bad experiences about something)
iridessa: true or otherwise we wouldn't be stronger then we are now and we wouldn't be here with everything what's happening (she said with a smile and all the girls were comforting her)

everyone went silence but then Leontine thanked all 7 girls for being be there for her and she finally decided to tell the girls about the note she got at her home

Leontine: oh yeah i nearly forgot to tell you girls something but don't be mad at me for not telling you this earlier
Tinkerbell: let it all out!
Leontine: well, yesterday when i got home i got a note saying he or she's gonna make my live miserable and he or she's gonna kill my boyfriend first
and then the other fairies gets killed and the last person this person do wanna kill is... me, so that means i'm gonna be on my own and i'm not that strong when i'm not around my boyfriend
Tinkerbell: how come this person wants to murder everyone around you? (she asked friendly)
Leontine: well he or she mentioned something about my past, about the bad things i've done, and i hate to reminds everything about my bad past, why won't the person kill me instead of getting you guys involved
Zarina: hey...hey....hey calm down alright, it's not your fault about the note, it's the person who wrote the note
Leontine: but i thought he was just playing a sick joke or something although i jumped from conclussions but i guess not
Fawn: Mmmm that explains a lot (she said with realizing)
Leontine: i didn't knew what to do with the note at first and kept it to myself, i'm so sorry for keeping it as a secret (she said being sad)
Tinkerbell: don't blame yourself, you didn't knew what to do with the note (she said understandable)
iridessa: i would've done the same
Zarina: that bastard who noted the letter isn't gonna get away with this!
Fawn: true, that bastard gets what's coming to him/her (she said fearless)
Rosetta: let's just stay calm till we know who write something like that to you
Silvermist: i agree with Rosetta on that one
it took awhile till the other girls agreed with Rosetta but then they finally agreed with Rosetta's words
after that Leontine decided to go home and looks at the picture by the time they spended the time with each other together, she couldn't stop crying and saying to herself how much she miss him already, everything was just too much for her to handle, she decided to take a break till she met her enemy who just spoke and threated her about doing something horrible to her friends aswell, and that he can't wait to kill all of them, even Queen Clarion, while Queen Clarion has bad knows after hearing it to Tinkerbell and her 6 friends

how will everyone else react besides Tinkerbell, Zarina, Vidia, iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist and Fawn?

i know this is a bad scene but i hope you like it?
the next chapter is coming soon, i just have to figure it out what everything else should be about besides Queen Clarion telling everyone bad news and Leontine who gets to meet the person properly!

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