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I'm shy and quiet, but can also be eccentric and energetic. I am a deep thinker and a highly intellectual person who loves helping others.
I enjoy working with PaintSAI and CliptStudio.

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Fur-Eh 2018 (Edmonton)
VancouFur 2018 (Maybe)


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Commissions que list (updated frequently)

on 7 August 2016 at 23:02:48 MDT

Commissions Que

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Please check back regularly to see commission progress and updates.

Currently working on (paid)

  • Adoptable redraw
  • Raffle Prize-Jia Full Body flat color [coloring]

Extra Life Art Drive and Prize Winners

  • Sovy ExtraLife commission-Full body flat color [inking]
  • Zilch bust sketch [sketching]
  • Argon- full body line art.[Sketching]
  • njnothere -full body line art[sketching]
  • JohnnyVulpine -full body flat color. [sketched] awaiting approval.

**Finished. (need approval) **


Awaiting payment

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General Commisons

Full body color
C$ 30.00
Line art
from C$ 15.00
to C$ 20.00
Reference sheet
from C$ 40.00
to C$ 50.00
add  Additional characters
from C$ 15.00
to C$ 20.00

Please read my Terms of Sevice before Commissioning me, Thank you!

Que list

I look forward to working with you!

~Thank you!~


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