TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 10) by Sailorplanet97

TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 10)


16 May 2020 at 17:46:54 MDT

after everyone let Leontine go to try to find the cure for vampirism the 2 couple are on their way to find a cure,
while the rest of the fairies returns back to pixie hollow and do their work like usual, Jake and Tyger wonders if they would find a cure though,
if not they think Leontine might needs her comfort to cry to, while on Leontine and Caspar way

Caspar: what if we don't find the cure for vampirism? have you thought about that? (he said with concern and worry)
Leontine: will you stop mumbling? atleast we've tried (she starts to get annoyed)

after like awhile they found something that might have cures about like everything, includes for vampirism

Leontine: i think we found something we're looking for (she said pointing to the community)
Caspar: i don't know, it doesn't seems to community at all (he said looking at the comunity that looks just like a fairy house)
Leontine: look cas, i love you but can you be positive for god sake? (she try not to be mad and he nodded irritated)
they flew closer to the house

Caspar: maybe we shouldn't go there, we need to go back to pixie hollow and just get over with (he said started to creep him out)
Leontine: and let you die or murder everyone while having an outburst? nope, you're just TOO scared (she convince him to look for the cure in a irritated way)
Caspar: i'm not, FINE WE'RE DOING THIS YOUR WAY (he said with anger while still getting scared)
Leontine: good letting you die or killing everyone is NOT an option okay? (she try to stay calm but sternly)
Caspar: but if you don't let me die, i might end up making YOU die, my evil comes and goes and i can't control it. it never happens to anyone yet but it's possible (he said scared and make it look harder on Leontine)
Leontine: well maybe they have some potions lying around to help control it atleast if we might not find the cure, so don't makes it harder then it already is (she answered and stays calm)
Caspar: the girl who saved my life turned me into an mortal vampire, and when i'm having an outburst i might turn others into an mortal vampire and i can't risk it
Leontine: ARE YOU COMING OR NOT? (she said annoyed)
Caspar: woah leo wait! (he said scared)
Leontine turned to Caspar and he's runninng but he can't go inside till someone get permission to get inside
Caspar: Leo i can't come inside, the owner has to invite me in! (he said yelled)
Leontine: you mean someone lives here? (while she's looking around but don't notice anyone inside)
Caspar: y....yeah i guess s...so (he looked down on the ground)
Leontine: okay stay there, i'll look for a cure and potions if i can't find a cure! (she walks to a couple of cures and potions)
Caspar: okay but hurry, this place creep me out! (he said crossing his arms and looks down)

Leontine is looking for a cure and potions and looks from it for a little while till she might found something that's for vampirism
Leontine: hey i think i might found some (she picks the potions up)
she looks closely and she notice there isn't any label, descriptions or warnings at all
Leontine: Mmmmm, they don't have any labels in it..... who makes a potions without any labels in it? (she said thinking out loud while looking at it)
Caspar: uhm Leo?
the fairy with long brown hair with a cap and dark blue eyes who looks carefully who has way different clothes
Female Fairy: who are you? what are you doing to my place? what do you want? (she said panicky)
Leontine: oh....uhm...... we didn't think anyone lived here! (she turned to the female fairy and answers calmly while placing her hands to her mouth from embarassing)
the female fairy turned to Caspar who's of course an vampire fairy
Caspar: why hello there? (he looked with a smirk smile while waving at her)
Female Fairy: WOAH A....A VAMPIRE, W....WHAT DO YOU WANT? (she said screaming in horrified)
Caspar: hello to you too (he said irritated)
Female Fairy: I TOLD YOU ALL TO LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE (she's still into a panic and screamed loudly)
Leontine: woah woah calm down, we aren't here to cause trouble (she said calmly)
Caspar: i'm sorry for scaring you, we didn't think you lived here, (he said with a nervously smile)
Female Fairy: oh....uhm that's okay (she smiled nervously too)
Caspar: who owned this place anyway? (his nervously goes away)
Female Fairy: oops i forgot you couldn't come in here (she said clumsy)
she paused a bit but let him in
Female Fairy: okay you're invited inside
Caspar: thanks (he's relieved)

The female fairy take her seat and the others did aswell
Female Fairy: there was an other fairy who owned this place, but then she died so i took her place, i'm not as the same path as her by choice but....here i am
Leontine: what happened to her if you don't mind me asking? (she said curiously)
Female Fairy: she got attacked and didn't survived it, she died few days after the accident, so she asked me to take her place, i'm not as good as her though
Leontine: do you even make much business out here?
Female Fairy: nope, and i inted to keep it that way, those vampires have become a real menace, they're desperate for a cure but i keep telling them i don't have any more (she said not wanting to cause trouble)
Caspar: a cure, like a permanent cure?! (he gasped hearing this hoping he can get rid of it from this mortal vampire thing)
Female Fairy: yes her dying wish was to make a cure for vampirism and before she died she finally maked a cure for vampires to get rid of it for good
Leontine and Caspar are much more curious then they were before and wanted to know more about a cure
Leontine: woah we wanna hear more of it
Female Fairy: anyway before that she kept selling her temporary cures just to keep the vampires off her back but as soon as word got out that she created a potent cure, floods of vampires came by.
eventually she ran out of ingredients and was too old to collect some more
Caspar casped happily and is more curious and wants to know how to creates the potent cure
Caspar: but do you know how to create the potent cure if you had all the ingredients?

Female Fairy: yes luckily, the previous owner taught me before she died (she answered smiling)
but that turned to an irritated look because the vampires keeps asking about a cure
Female Fairy: but there's NO way i'm setting foot out there to get the ingredients, do you know how many vampires out there want me as their personal potion slave?
(she explained calmly but irritated that the other vampires wants her as a slave just because of the potions)
Leontine: what if we went out and got them ourself? (she said curiously and caring for her boyfriend)
Caspar: yeah, we'll bring the ingredients for you! (he said happy)
Female Fairy: you're not the only vampire to have offered me that, they're all pretty desperate to get a cure (she said laughing calmly)
her laughing turned into concernly and looks hopeless knowing it isn't easy to bring the ingredients
Female Fairy: but i'm afraid it's not that easy, the ingredients are very...... specific.
Caspar: WELL WHAT ARE THEY (he said impatiently)
Leontine: don't tell me it's like a dragon scales and an eye on newt or something (she said making sure it isn't from something different)
Female Fairy: no no, dragon don't exist (she answers)
Leontine: and yet vampires do (she said looking down and find it weird vampires do exist)
Female Fairy: for humans it's easy to tell what they needs but we are all fairies,
Leontine: Mmmmmm do you have a way to have a cure? (she ask calmly)
Female Fairy: yes, but it might be hard if vampires don't have feelings for someone
Leontine: well, we actually are a couple, so continue what we need to find the cure! (she answered positively)
Female Fairy: well in that case if you are in love with someone who isn't a vampire it will work and the vampire change into it's normal form
Leontine: oh wow, i have many experiences but i never heard of this, it's kinda cheesy (she said looking to herself)
Female Fairy: yeah something about the oxytocin hormone in the bloods works well in the potion (she said with her experience)
Leontine and Caspar looked to each other for a few moments and knows how to show it to everyone

Leontine: Mmmmm i think i have an idea, but let's giving a break first since we need our rest,
Female Fairy: that's a pretty good idea, it's getting late so you should go home from whatever you live and i hope it works, but i'm pretty sure though
Caspar: nice meeting you
Leontine: yeah me too, errrr i never catched your name
Female Fairy: it's Sophia, and i'm a fairy who can makes an cure but i'm not that talented..... oh wait i forgot the last ingredients,
Caspar: well what is it?
Sophia: the last ingredients is the trickiest, it requires "the blood from picking a rose without seeing it's thorns"
Leontine: what (they looked confused)
Caspar: is that some kind of riddle or is it literal?
Sophia: it doesn't matter, it can be either (she tries to answer as much as she can)
she paused a bit
Sophia: but whatever the case it must be accidental and not forced (she warns them)
the couples looks at each other again
Sophia: wait here, (she walks on the other side of the house to give the potions)
Sophia takes the potions and tells them to be carefully because that's the only one she has left
Sophia: here take this just incase some other vampires needs it, this list tells you all the ingredients you need, just incase the others forget, and in the box are bunch of potions for
-managing their evil outbursts, whenever they feel their evil taking control of them, just quickly drink one of those and it should keep it at bay
just use them wisely because that's their previous owner last batch, she never taught me how to make them.
Caspar: thank you so much (he gives her hand and greets her)
Leontine: how much do we owe you? (she ask with joy)
Sophia: oh no just take them (she denies it but then she owe them) you are the first customers i've had in forever who weren't threating to suck my blood dry
Leontine: thank you (she said happy)
Caspar: i guess we have some ingredient gathering to do, (he said holding the boxes)
Leontine: yeah let's get home now before everyone notices we're looking TOO long for a cure thinking we didn't find it
Caspar: i go outside
Leontine: okay, i have to ask her for other things anyway
she turned to sophia and ask about other cure or potions to know what's possible
Leontine: do you have any potions for other things? like other talent fairies or diseases
Sophia: oh yes, all kinds of cures and remedies, like for broken wings, weight loss, animal communications, different skintones, uncontrolled talents, even love potions,
-though i think the love potions could use some work, it usually results in the person carving their lover's name into their skin and then dying in the name of love
Leontine: WHAT! (she yelled with joy)
sophia looked in joy knowing everything is possible
Leontine: actually i was wondering if you maybe had a cure for like.....hallucinations (she said knowing she has them at the times)
Sophia: Mmmmm no i don't believe i do, i'm sorry
Leontine: that's alright, thank you for everything (she looks a bit sad but accepts there isn't a cure about hallucinations)
the name is Leontine by the way, and the vampire fairy's name is caspar
Sophia: oh i see, anyway good luck with the cure
Leontine: thanks, i should be going, don't wanna keep him waiting
they waved at each other
Sophia: take care! don't forget
Leontine: let's have some rest, and wait till the right moment when it's dark again, don't wanna wake the others already
Caspar: will do

it gets better and better, i'm not gonna spoil you too much but anyway i hope you like this chapter ;)
took me almost 4 hours to write and finish it but now it's midnight, and i have work in a few hours so i should get to sleep now
but stay turned for sure!

i forgot to put the link from a video here since it was already nearly by 3 at night but this video inspirated me a bit, i maked it a bit different though
still wondering how the talent is called when you make potions and cures for like everything, if you know what talent it is, let me know in the comment ;)

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