TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 5) by Sailorplanet97

TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 5)


16 May 2020 at 17:32:50 MDT

Queen Clarion has bad news to everyone, AGAIN,
expect it's about the enemy, Leontine explains it a bit since she met the enemy who killed Caspar
but no more spoilers from me till then xD
Clank, bobble, Tinkerbell and her friends makes a very big snow-making machines just so the winter fairies can cross the boarder
while Periwinkle explains the girls and lord milori about the situation

Queen Clarion: thank you guys for meeting us here (everyone but Tinkerbell and her friends wonders what this is all about)
Buck: what is this about?
Sweetpea: i don't know (the blonde hair girl, blue eyes and with pink clothes)
everyone were chatting to each other with the same question, well expect for Tinkerbell and her friends

Queen Clarion: i'm sorry i called you in a short amount of time but there's something you all should know,
most fairies seems puzzeled and didn't knew what she was talking about
Queen Clarion: i know who killed Caspar, and not only that, we need to look out to each other
Leontine feels quilty for not telling anyone about this earlier since it had killed Caspar already,
and now she's terrified about what's coming to everyone, she keeps herself strong, trying not to show it,
Tinkerbell notice this and put her hand to her shoulder to make sure she's okay

Tinkerbell: are you alright? (she said whispering)
Leontine: if i can be honest. no but i try to be strong (she whispers back while she looked down pretty sad)
Tinkerbell: don't keep it to yourself, it could get worse keeping it to yourself, trust me you may feel guilty about keeping it to yourself (she whispers again)
Leontine: and how do you know that (she said wondering while whispering)
Tinkerbell: i've been in it at many times and besides i invented that look (she said whispering)
Leontine: well that said it all (she said whispering)
Queen Clarion finish her words and everyone is scared but they tries their best to look out to themself and the others,
and everyone returns back to their homes and looks out to themselves

when it was getting dark Queen Clarion seems to be concerned, Lord Milori is with her in her room, close to the pixie dust tree
she can't fall asleep thinking of what could happen to everyone in pixie hollow since the enemy is after everyone
including Lord milori and Queen Clarion, Lord milori comforts her and tells her everything is gonna be alright,

Lord Milori: is everything okay Queen Clarion? (he said with concern)
Queen Clarion: i don't know how i feel, i mean what would happen between us? (she said with a worried look)
Lord Milori: i don't know, but i'm sure everything is gonna be alright
Queen Clarion: are you sure? i mean i warned everyone about this but- (she try to stay calm but the worried look and voice says it all)
Lord Milori: don't worry too much about it, i'll protect you, no matter what, i got you back (he said comforting her and they kissed slowly)

in that meanwhile at Leo's home

Leontine: ugh this is all MY fault this person is after me, why not kill me instead? i mean nobody has anything to do about my past! (she said frustrated)
everyone is gonna get killed because of me, i need to do something, but where is that bad person? (she said with realizing)
that's it, after the funeral i'm gonna look to the person, even if that means leaving pixie hollow, i HAVE to stop this non-sense (she said looking bach at when she met that Drake person who's NOT a fairy)
i start doing it after the funeral but now i need to sleep and prepare to the funeral about my words what i have to say about my boyfriend (she said looking tired)

a few weeks has passed and everyone is wearing black clothes and meet everyone at the pixie dust tree,
even Leontine shows up, everyone is having a hard time coping with the fact Caspar has died, but Leontine got the hardest time out of everyone,
because not only is he her boyfriend but she also broke the rules about the Vampire fairies allowing to pixie hollow and saved everyone from King Scar, The Vampire master (the boss of the vampire fairies) nobody showed up right after he died since they all admitted he was a bad fairy

Queen Clarion: Welcome, ladies and gentlemans from pixie hollow, we are here to celebrate memory of Caspar, a vampire fairy,
he's one of the youngest here in pixie hollow and we all didn't knew what his talent was till we all recognized his uncontrolling skills,
he passed away from the hyenas attack

all the people were sad but some people are crying,

Queen Clarion: if you want to have a speech, you can do it now,

some fairies had their speech, and Leontine had her last speech, she hesistated at first though since she's hurt by the fact Caspar isn't here anymore
but she decided to do it anyway just to finish her words she hiding as fast as she can just so she can get out of the pixie dust tree and going home crying out loud, even louder then at the pixie dust tree,

Leontine: h...h...hello e....e....everyone, now i'm s....s.....standing here (she take a deep breath and paused a bit to put her words together)
i wanna thank everyone for coming, and uhm.....well (she's stuttering but close her eyes trying to keep strong for herself and take a deep breath again)
when i first met Caspar, we were just allies, i was one of the first he met, he trusted me more then anyone else when he needed anything,
i kept a secret by the fact he was actually a vampire fairy, i was one of the first who found out but i accepted it already,
then a year after he was born we became friends and did like everything together, and i figured during my travel he was the one for me who i could fell in love with
i knew that i felt that he's the one for me, he used to live to the outlanders but that changed after i actually saved everyone from King Scar getting Queen Clarion
nearly killed but put mine in danger instead, everyone finally seemed to accept it,
i'm the fighter fairy who CAN save everyone from getting attacked, but who can also heals bruises and spots
and he's a vampire fairy who can stand heavy and big stuff but who also can distract everyone with his hypnosis power and climb on like everything
i never actually t......t....thought w.....we became a couple o......or even friends in general, (she started to sob)
we just waved and said hi at each other when w......we met, but during the trip we were a.....actually talking to e......each o......other, (she almost looked down)
w.....we fell in love and n......never leaved each others side, i'm sorry i can't do this, this is all MY fault we're in this mess
(she flew out of the pixie dust tree and flied to her home to cry everything out loud, Terence flew after her)

he wanted to make sure she's okay, but she's not, she explains him everything and after the explaining he told her it's not her fault they are in this mess, it's the enemy who's after everyone, he put his hand to her shoulder and told her everything's gonna be alright, she appreciated it
and they hugged each other tightly and leontine cries to his arms because of the mess, but he understands her and told her to let it all out,
she thanked him for understanding and he had no problems with it,

Terence: hey are you okay? (he asked her softly)
Leontine: no i'm not, i.....i watched him die
she then explains him everything
Terence: hey hey it's not your fault that everyone is in this mess, it's the enemy who's after us all (he said comforting her, he placed his hand on her shoulder)
everything's gonna be alright
Leontine: i.....i appreciate it Terence, really (they hugged each other)
Leontine sobs and starts to cry
Terence: hey, i understand how you feel, let it all out
Leontine cries to his arms
Leontine: thank you for understanding
Terence: no problem, your welcome

while everyone else had a moment of silence after Leontine had her last speech and flew away, Tinkerbell and her friends wondered
if Leontine is okay, and maybe checks on her later

i know this is a sad chapter but it can get worse, the next chapter is coming soon
i edited a bit but the rest of the script didn't changed ;)

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