TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 6) by Sailorplanet97

TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 6)


16 May 2020 at 17:34:40 MDT

after Terence Comforts Leontine, he flew away to do his work with the Pixie Dust Packs,
while Leontine wanted to go somewhere but Pixie Hollow to have her break,
while Drake thinks up a plan with the hyenas to kill all the fairies, and at the end he wants to kill Leontine
just so he could destroy everything in neverland

Leontine: well i need to have a break and go somewhere else but Pixie Hollow (she's going to the waterfall)
damn i feel weak without Caspar, he changed me in like everything, i became even nicer, i know how it feels like to NOT leave each others side
i learn that you need some help if you don't have a way out, calling for help for examble, i did changed for the better before him,
but i changed MORE for the better when he was born and fell in love to him, i learn how you can be a team especially when we got attacked by the monsters
i learn how to protect each other and all that stuff, when i'm around him i feel so safe and stronger, so i'm about to loose hope without him
(she said lying on the ground and staring at the sky)

while at near the rocks

Drake: okay i think i got a plan hyenas so you better listen to me (the hyenas got Drake's attention and stopped from what they were doing)
hyena 1: oh so what's the plan now?
Hyena 2: if it's about Leo, then i'm willing to listen to ya, (he said with a smirk smile)
Drake: thank you for your attention guys, and yes it's about her
Hyena 2: tell us about it!
Drake: i let her alive till i killed all the fairies, anyway i want you guys to kill all the fairies, ALL of you hyenas
Hyena 1: and how are we gonna get there, there are waters y'know? (the hyena said annoying)
Drake: don't speak that tone to me, ever heard of teleporting? (he said sternly)
Hyena 2: uhm no!
Drake: with this, we go after the fairies in 2 days! IN pixie hollow
Hyena 1: got it (ALL the hyenas nodded)

after they got a plan Leontine turns back, she's just lying on bed and is depressing since she don't know what to do anymore
and everyday she wishes Caspar was there to cuddle her, she looks back at all the good times they had with each other
but then it got interrupted by Tinkerbell and her friends, they knocked at the door!

Leontine: come on in! (she let them in)
Tinkerbell: we came to check on you
Zarina: yeah, so are you alright? (the girls were sitting on a chair)
Leontine: it could get worse, (she sit at the bed looking to the girls)
iridessa: what do you mean?
Leontine: well i mean i'm sad for a little while,
Silvermist: does this have to do with Caspars grief? (she asked with symphany)
Leontine: yeah, i still can't seems to get over it, i feel so safe and stronger around him (she said with a sad face)
Rosetta: oh c'mon sug, he probably wants you to be happy again and continue with your life, (she said in a motherly tone and she places her hand to her shoulder)
Fawn: yeah and we also want you to be happy and move on and continue your live soon (she said in a caring and friendly tone)
Leontine: i know it's just hard to move on (she looked down and placed her hand to her neck)
Tinkerbell: we get that, and we don't tell you to move on right now, your still in your process, we are just telling you to move on soon
(she said comforting her and placed her hands to her shoulder)
Leontine: d...do you think he's in a better place now? (she said holding her right hand to his left shoulder)
Vidia: yeah i'm pretty sure he's in a better place now, you don't have to worry about that (she said kindly)
Silvermist: do you wanna go to the cemetery to see him? (she ask kindly)
Leontine: if possible then yes
Rosetta: then let's go shall we?

everyone nodded and go to the cemetery, Leontine put the flower to his grave, she said R.I.P to him (rest in piece)

Leontine: i can't believe he's actually gone, it just don't hit me that he's gone at the moment yet
Tinkerbell: who actually does?
Leontine: i'm sorry i let this happen to everyone
Zarina: you? it wasn't your fault, it was someone's stupid fault that let Caspar got killed okay? (she said sternly but in a caring way)
Leontine: i know but still, i keep blaming myself for it
Silvermist: oh c'mon you didn't let this happen
iridessa: yeah, nobody knew what was happening at the moment, you shouldn't blame yourself for it
Leontine: i'm about to loose hope without him, i feel so safe and strong around him, and i became more kindly and friendly because of him (she tries not to sob)
Rosetta: we'll be here for you, i promise you get help once the war is over (she comforts her and placed her hands to her shoulder)
Vidia: it might be a dumb question but where did you get the necklace if you don't mind?
Leontine: i don't mind at all, i got it a few weeks ago when me and my boyfriend were going out
Vidia: Mmmmm i see
Leontine: why did he leave so soon? he doesn't deserve to die! (she starts to cry and sobs)
Fawn: your guest is as good as us,
iridessa: just know that he always love you even though he's dead
Leontine: i keep that in mind

after that everyone returns home, and Terence comes to Tink's home asking her how Leontine deals with the grief of Caspar
she answers that, and Tink hopes nothing will happen to him or her friends, not that long later Clank and Bobble asks the same question
about Leontine's processes, but they can guess it's bad, after that everyone falls asleep, well expect Leontine
since she has a bad feeling what's coming to everyone, and possibly watch everyone die,
i know it's a depressing chapter, and it can get worse at the following chapters,
but i hope you like it?

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