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Hey there!

I go by Kajitora, Kaji, Kaj, whatever suits you. I'm a college graduate with my Associates in Culinary Arts, and hope to maybe own my very own diner, food truck, or to be the head chef/kitchen manager sometime way in the future.

But now you're asking, "Okay, cool you cook....what's going to be on here then?"I'll be using this page for multiple things!

  • First and foremost, I'll be sharing creations of the edible variety, whether it be something from cookbooks or a dish I came up with myself. Most every food submission will have a recipe along with it to tell how you can do it yourself too!
  • Secondly, I love photography in general, mainly that of nature. Expect to see a decent sized portfolio of that to pop up in the future.
  • Third and lastly, I'll be posting the artwork that I commission/get from artists. So don't worry, there is still gonna be some furry stuff on here too!

I enjoy cooking (of course), video games, tumblr, reading, listening to music, and hang out with friends.

It's not a mistake that my "Requests" are open, if you want to see my take on a favorite dish of yours, or even just see what I can come up with, send me a message! I love to experiment and try new things!

Hope you're hungry~!

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A Late welcome to 2019! Big News!

Hey there one and all~
How's it been? This past year has been one hell of a ride, hasnt it.

So as some of you previously know, I've gotten into leathercrafting as a growing hobby and been working towards being able to open up for commissions in the future. WELL~ I finally have proper accounts to post my work on! I won't be removing this account as it's my personal one, but expect my leathercrafting one to be a bit more active. Check it out!

BigcatdenBigcatdenBigcatdenBigcatden Bigcatden

There's already some previously made works posted on there, with more coming in the future. If you see something you like and or are interested in getting something from me, keep an eye out over there!
That's not the only account though! Here are other places you can find BCDC at!

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