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Hey there! The name's Kaj, but you can also call me BigCat! I started collecting leathercrafting tools back around 2014 after wanting to gain a new hobby that had me working with my hands. Since then, I've had numerous projects and ideas come to mind and I hope to share what I create with you here!

Here at BCDC, handcrafted accessories made with care and quality are my top priority. Not only do I want to make sure you look your best, but that your piece was made for you personally ❤️

Whether it be stylish bracelets, handcrafted journals, intricate collars, cuffs, or even something more than both, BigCatDen Crafts is the place for personal & unique leather goods!

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Leathercrafting Commissions! (Closed Currently)

on 16 January 2019 at 13:51:21 MST

For those that have already followed, thank you so much! It means the world to have people interested in my work, and I love being able to share it with you! So here comes the fun part for everyone...

I'm officially opening for commissions!

For now, I'll be taking on 6 slots, doing anything along bracelets, collars, and shackle cuffs! These can be made in a variety of colors, even some not included in the product shots already shown. I'll be posting an image displaying what all I have at the time being, plus can get others within reason!

Here are the price ranges for options available:

  • Braided Bracelet
    Price: USD 25.00 - 90.00

  • Filigree Bracelet
    Price: USD 35.00 - 110.00

  • Collar
    Price: USD 150.00 - 275.00

  • Cuffs
    Price: USD 150.00 - 275.00

Price breakdowns and details are shown over on my Commission Info, and official quotes will be given to those that obtain slots.

Comment below or send a PM if interested!
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Braided Bracelet
from $ 25.00
to $ 90.00
from $ 150.00
to $ 275.00
Cuffs (Pair of Two)
from $ 160.00
to $ 275.00
Filigree Bracelet
from $ 35.00
to $ 110.00

My Terms of Service

All base prices are for plain, single-strap pieces with carved borders in chosen premade colors, hardware chosen from solid brass or stainless steel, and fur lining.

For Collars and Cuffs
+$30 to add Braids to top strap.
+$40 to add Filigree designs to top strap.
+$40 to add Engraved designs to top strap.
+$30 to add leather lining from offered selection (main colors being black, orange, and cream)

Sewn lines, tooling, beads, and custom-made colors are extra and added to the base price based upon complexity.


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