Hey there, I'm KiRAWRa! I'm an artist specializing in spastic hand scribbles resembling animals, overuse of neon colors, and never drawing my OCs.

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on 28 February 2019 at 18:26:10 MST

If y'all have been anxiously awaiting the results to my Sleepy Rat Plushie like I have, it ends now, because my design WON!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone who voted! The high average score threshold is very difficult to achieve and I definitely could not have done it without your help!

Everyone who voted, commented, favorited, and shared my design - you made this happen! I can't thank you enough! :D ♥

If you would like to be notified as soon as the plushie is ready, go to and enter in your email address!
It is currently set to be made into a mini squishable - I guess they don't know how many people love rats :P
The more it sells when it's released, the better chance it has of potentially being made in more colors or turned into a full size squishable! So please sign up to be notified!

As for production times, Squishable has told me this:
"Your design has now entered the prototype process, and it’s currently slated to be made into a Squishable Mini. The full prototype process usually takes from 4-6 months followed by up to three months for manufacture. Please note that designs will often go through many changes, including construction and color changes--and, like any Squishable, we'll often ask for fan input"

Really hoping this all goes smoothly! n.n;

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    I love your work! The colors you use are so rich and saturated, and I like the shapes you put into faces.

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      Thank you! ;u; I'm really glad you like what I do! ♥

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    Ok WOAH your art is so good?? How am I not following you yet?

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      Ahaha thank you so much! ;u; ♥

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        Hyuck I need to commission you stat hot dang

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    I love your gallery

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      Thank you so much! ♥

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    So your the one who’s been watching me sleep! No wonder, you live under my bed.