Hey there, I'm KiRAWRa! I'm an artist specializing in spastic hand scribbles resembling animals, overuse of neon colors, and never drawing my OCs.

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Guess who is now on Patreon!

on 29 March 2019 at 17:02:18 MDT

(it's me)

Got my Patreon up and running! Check out my page to see all the available rewards!

Not only is this a great way to support your favorite artists, but it ensures they keep making more of the stuff you like! Please consider signing up to receive benefits like:

  • Being the first to know about new projects, merchandise, convention schedules, and streams
  • A behind-the-scenes look at sketches and in-process artwork
  • Discount codes for my Etsy store
  • Access to commission slots and adoptables before anyone else
  • Art raffles, free sketches, or monthly requests!
  • “Patron” status in my Discord chat
  • Direct input on what adoptables, designs, or art I should make next
  • Access to Patron-only lineart bases
  • Special thanks when posting artwork that you have helped fund
  • A digital badge personalized with your name and tier
  • Discounts on commissions

Tiers start at just $1 a month!

If you can’t participate financially, please share, tweet, or link my page on social media or a journal! Share my work with your friends and family, getting the word out helps SO much! Thank you! ♥

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    I love your work! The colors you use are so rich and saturated, and I like the shapes you put into faces.

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      Thank you! ;u; I'm really glad you like what I do! ♥

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    Ok WOAH your art is so good?? How am I not following you yet?

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      Ahaha thank you so much! ;u; ♥

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        Hyuck I need to commission you stat hot dang

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    I love your gallery

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      Thank you so much! ♥

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    So your the one who’s been watching me sleep! No wonder, you live under my bed.