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Hey there, I'm KiRAWRa! I'm an artist specializing in spastic hand scribbles resembling animals, overuse of neon colors, and never drawing my OCs.

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Fight Me!

on 12 June 2021 at 22:13:52 MDT

The annual Art Fight event is coming up swiftly, and I wanted to be sure and let you all know ahead of time that I plan to participate for my 5th year in a row!

You can find my profile here: https://artfight.net/~KiRAWRa

Four new characters will be uploaded to my roster this year and I hope you'll find them inspiring! :3

For anyone outside the know: Art Fight is a yearly art trading event that lasts one full month (July). You upload your OCs to your profile, and when the event starts, other people can draw fanart of them for points. Drawing a character for someone is called an "attack", and if they return by drawing one of your characters back, it's called a "revenge" - because the whole thing is framed like a "fight" even though it's super friendly and all about gifting art!

There are two teams, and whichever team scores the most points at the end by drawing the most attacks, "wins".

Digital art is most common, but traditional art, 3D modeling, sculpture, and other kinds of crafts are welcome as attacks during the event, too!
I have received some amazing unconventional attacks in the form of [animation], [mixed-media sculpture], [3D render], [cosplay parts], and last year my buddy Crow received this wonderfully creative [custom journal].

Even for those of you who may not have any characters, you can upload photos of [your pets], or request others to [design a new OC] for you!

If you'd like to sign up, you can do so at [ArtFight.net]* and learn more about the event in their [About], [Rules], and [FAQ] pages.

*I recommend using or creating a Yahoo or Gmail email address, as Art Fight's anti-spam precautions often block any unconventional email addresses, which will fail to send you the account activation email.

You can create an account and upload your characters at any time during the year, but the "fight" will officially start on July 1st.
June 21st is when this year's teams will be announced, where you can pre-register and choose your team early if you wish, or wait until the event starts and get randomly assigned to your team.

If you have any lingering questions or want to meet other participants, you can join the official Art Fight [Discord]!

I hope to see you at this year's battle! >:3

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    Aaaaa, gosh, your art is so ridiculously cute!! <3

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      Thank you so much! ;u; ♥

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    I love your work! The colors you use are so rich and saturated, and I like the shapes you put into faces.

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      Thank you! ;u; I'm really glad you like what I do! ♥

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    Ok WOAH your art is so good?? How am I not following you yet?

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      Ahaha thank you so much! ;u; ♥

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        Hyuck I need to commission you stat hot dang

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    I love your gallery