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Ingredients: One part Potassium, one part Iodine, two parts Radium. Dash of Tungsten optional for enhanced flavor.
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Hey there, I'm KiRAWRa! I'm an artist specializing in spastic hand scribbles resembling animals, overuse of neon colors, and never drawing my OCs.

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I'm on RedBubble and Ko-fi!

on 16 May 2018 at 18:03:10 MDT

Hey all, I'm giving Redbubble a try! You can find my most popular designs along with a few new ones for sale on all kinds of products over at my new [Redbubble page].
As a reminder, you can also still find my stuff on [TeePublic] and [Etsy].
My DesignByHumans store has been closed due to suspected art theft (which is still ongoing, I'll have a separate update talking about that soon).

I've also been convinced to make a Ko-fi account!
(Weasyl doesn't seem to want to make this link clickable)
Ko-fi is a simple website that allows you to "buy a coffee" for artists - just as a way to give a little tip and say "thanks for all the art!" :)

Also keep an eye on my Etsy store for a bunch of new products! I've been looking at a site called Printful that allows you to root Etsy listings through their print-on-demand services, so I'll be able to sell my designs on cool things like pillows and beach towels and t-shirts soon through them c: I'll be sure to make another post when all that comes together.

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    So your the one who’s been watching me sleep! No wonder, you live under my bed.

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      maybe drop a few more crumbs next time you snack in bed, I'm starting to get hungry down here

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    I decided to google the "ingredients" listed in your header. I overthought the joke and expected some actual chemical mixture. Got a good laugh when I finally figured it out!

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      Haha oh man congrats, I think you might be the first!

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    PFFT I didn't know you had a weasyl account! Now I shall stalk you >> (This is Fluffy from Aywas BTW LOL)

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      I do have a Weasyl account! :D You found me!