-Taken by the most beautiful, sexy and amazing person that has every lived on this planet since 14/02/09

-Fursona, I have several and will add those with the fursona/character feature on this site, but my main one is a blue bunny with white spots.

-I do photo manipulation work, I have a wacom bamboo fun (old generation) but I don't use it much.

I'm mainly here to support my girlfriend, to browse around the art, upload gifts I get/commissions I buy and to stalk my girl.

I live in belgium, one of the most boring countries in the whole world. I'm easy going but shy, and I can be a bit snappy at times, feel free to drop me a PM if you like though!

Note that i'm taken by my lovely girl Syntex, so please don't get any stupid ideas, you'll be sorely disappointed and you'll unleash my rage pretty much. I only want my girl, not some stupid flirts from a random person.

What I would like to do is work in the phot manipulation/web design/graphic design/texturing business, but who knows..

If you want to add me on an IM, please PM me first, i'm rather picky...

Besides that, I love playing videogames, watching movies, pokémon and The Walking Dead. I also get on SL from time to time to spend time with my love, most of my time I can be found where she is, playing css together or whatnot.




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    Lucky you were born that far away so

    We could both make fun of distance

    Lucky that I love a foreign land for

    The lucky fact of your existence

    Baby I would climb the Andes solely

    To count the freckles on your body

    Never could imagine there were only

    Ten Million ways to love somebody

    Whenever, wherever

    We're meant to be together

    I'll be there and you'll be near

    And that's the deal my dear

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      *blushes softly* oh hunny... you're so amazing... I love you so.. so much...

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    I.. just.. wow

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    How many times have you commented on my drawings already? like 3 times before on all sites? Haha, maybe a thousand even, every time I report you need to comment, you're amazing love, truly the best soulmate any artist could ask for, thank you so much for taking the time to comment over and over and over again on each site, on the same drawings over and over <3 I love you baby

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      Every single one of your drawings is worth replying to that many times, because they're that amazing..... I love you too hun.. much...

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    Hey Friend. How are you?

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