Ignatius by Syntex



12 April 2013 at 10:44:19 MDT

A rather simple, but effective reference sheet I worked on, for my love's Pokemon character, Ignatius.

Did some redesigning, and adding more to his story, thus the major changes in both attitude and additional scars and burns.

I'll probably get to the comic story at some point.

Adult Reference

Ignatius belongs to dopy

Typhlosion belongs to Pokemon

Art done by me

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    Dear god babe, you really have a thing for creating characters, when we made our pokesonas I never, ever thought he would've turned out so awesome but you outdid yourself yet again, thank you so much for this babe, I really like the way you made the fire ont he back of the bottom drawing, aswell as the little front view of his face, you gave him an amazing moveset and he just looks so damn badass... I love it babe, thank you so much for drawing this ref sheet for me, you're the most amazing girl ever, I can't stress that enough. You keep spoiling me with this art, and I can't ever thank you enough for that, thank you babe <3!

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      ffffffff you helped with it too hun! It is your character after all, I just brought him to life with art <3 But it's just what we can do together is what makes it amazing. I'm so glad you like it babycakes, now just to do Rio's ref and add her changes as well!