Ignatius, stop~ by Syntex

Ignatius, stop~


11 March 2013 at 12:37:18 MDT

Silly Typhlosion, likes getting in my pants all the time...

I felt like doing a new Steam icon for myself, since my love is sporting something similar ~ >3>

Characters belong to me and dopy

Typhlosion belongs to Pokemon

Art done by me

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    Ffffffff... damn... that looks so amazing, and such an awesome thing to come home to >3>... We both know you don't want Ignatius to stop... You love how he just takes what he wants. This is so amazingly drawn babe, I love the shading, and so much detail you put into it for just being a steam profile pic >3>. Thank you so much for drawing this hun, even if it's just for yourself, I love it to bits, and we totally, totally need more ingatius x you >_>!

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      We do need more of that~ I should draw it some time ;3 I'm so glad you like it hun <3 Got inspired by your own steam icon you know >3>

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    Ooooh, I like this piece! I especially adore the expression on Ignatius there, and the posing is very nice too~

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      Why thank you ever so much!

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    What game is this one from?

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      Gold, Silver and Crystal initially.

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        I see. That is why I do not remember him