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    Lucky you were born that far away so

    We could both make fun of distance

    Lucky that I love a foreign land for

    The lucky fact of your existence

    Baby I would climb the Andes solely

    To count the freckles on your body

    Never could imagine there were only

    Ten Million ways to love somebody

    Whenever, wherever

    We're meant to be together

    I'll be there and you'll be near

    And that's the deal my dear

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      *blushes softly* oh hunny... you're so amazing... I love you so.. so much...

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    I.. just.. wow

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    How many times have you commented on my drawings already? like 3 times before on all sites? Haha, maybe a thousand even, every time I report you need to comment, you're amazing love, truly the best soulmate any artist could ask for, thank you so much for taking the time to comment over and over and over again on each site, on the same drawings over and over <3 I love you baby

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      Every single one of your drawings is worth replying to that many times, because they're that amazing..... I love you too hun.. so..so much...

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    Hey Friend. How are you?

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    Heeeee! First comment here too~ I love you too my king <3!!!

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      Good, you mean the world to me, don't forget that <3.