Water is bigger than fire by dopy

Water is bigger than fire


6 November 2013 at 16:41:37 MST

Drawn by my love syntex

I got this as a random surprise this morning while at work and this just instantly made my entire day, it made work feel like a breeze and I just felt so giddy all day long just because of this quick drawing she did, my girl spoils me way too darn much with these things. I absolutely love the pose and the idea behind it, Rio looks so darn smug being ontop of Ignatius like that, poor guy seems so surprised, he doesn't even know what to do with his paws... though he honestly doesn't mind randomly being sat on like that by his love, infact, i'm pretty sure he absolutely loves it going by that stupid grin of his. To be fair i'd be equally as happy and dumbfounded in his position, my girl really knows what I like.. thank you so much for drawing this for me my queen, you made my entire day with just a quick drawing, I love you so much.. you do so much for me.. you really spoil me with all this!

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