[T] Warmth by Mortalvis

[T] Warmth


19 June 2013 at 12:12:15 MDT

My half of an art trade with Syntex of their characters Rio and Ignatius in their preevolved forms. And yes that is magical hay that doesn't light on fire. >:c

Characters (c) Syntex

Art (c) me

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    I like to think, that rather than 'magical hay' it's actually just a fire pokemon's shed fur :U

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      holy crap, that's brilliant. you should patent that!

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        Haha! Maybe i shall! XD

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    O....oh my god, this stopped me right in my tracks.

    I need a breather...

    Holy christ, this is BEAUTIFUL! I didn't expect to get THIS much work into it!!!! This is just...INCREDIBLE. The amount of details into this...I'm at a lost of breath right now. Dear god, I absolutely love the way you drew our characters, and the background especially, I love the lighting! I love which evolutions you decided to draw, I'm seriously freaking out over this right now <3!!!!! I just love how they're holding each other and sleeping, and the rain outside is such a nice touch! I love how he's keeping her warm like that. This just touched my heart, I thank you so much for it, I'll be getting on your half as soon as I finish off some school stuff, I mean it, thank you a million times over for this, it really made my god damn day.

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      I'm so glad to hear that! I've never tried something like this but I'm so happy you like it. I think these characters are so sweet together. ^^

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    This... this is SO amazing... I love it ever so much, thank you ever so much for drawing this, I love the atmosphere, I lvoe the lighting, the characters are so darn adorable, I love how Rio turned out and how Ignatius is trying to keep them warm with his flame.. this is so amazing, I love the background too. This whole drawing is just pure awesomeness, I literally lost my breath when I saw this... thank you ever so much.... this is so perfect!

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      I'm really glad you like it! You guys seem to be a great couple and I wanted to reflect that in the drawing. :D