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-Very much TAKEN (14/02/09 ♥)

-Fursona is that chocolate mocha brown demon lioness

-I use OpenCanvas 4.5+ along with my mouse, my tablet broke years ago!


Anisa / Demonic Earth Feline / Female / Exile demon ( Fursona )

Daze / Northern Dragon / Female / Lone dragon

Rio / Pokemon: Samurott / Female / Mystery Dungeon Explorer : Field and Research / Can be an Oshawott or Dewott depending on drawing themes

Anisa / Human / Female / Pokemon Trainer ( One on the left, which is my human form )

Note: None of my characters are not up for grabs, so stop asking, also I'm not drawing them with anyone else sexually, so don't ask either.

All my characters were imagination and concepts all done between me and my lovely soulmate, so I have an emotional bond with each, and he feels the same.

I'm here to share my art, meet friendly people and do some commissioning both for myself and for people!

I hail from the last island in the chain called the Caribbean, that island is specifically Trinidad. I'm a very very nice and tolerant person so don't be afraid to hit me up for a chat, just don't be a creep, you know what I mean~

I'm very much in love with my fiance dopy so don't try any smart moves, I'm not tolerant to those sort of cheeky remarks and I've had enough of them, so back off, I only want one person.

I'm currently perusing my Game Design career but that might change in the future.

Drawing is my life, my air, I can never stop drawing, or get fed up of drawing, trying to improve, it's my passion.

I may sometimes forget or be too busy to reply to notes, shouts, comments etc, but I read them all! If you're trying to message me, don't be afraid to bump me again.

I'm very picky when it comes to adding on messengers, so talk to me here first, if I like you enough, I will give you my info, this is because I've been harassed by people way too many times who have nothing better to do and who don't understand I'm a busy person and usually not around or with my fiance.

Other than the mentioned stuff above, I'm normally found ( whenever I'm online ) gaming, I play a variety of games, mostly online FPS such as the Counter Strike franchise or Borderlands, Terraria and what not, I even hop on Second life from time to time to do some business.



Latest Journal

Art and such is gonna be on hold for a long while

Last night was the final straw with me and my father, we had a big argument, only people close to me would know what about, and it ended with him telling me to get out of his house.

So for now, I don't know where I'm gonna stay, what I'm gonna do, but I'm not gonna be active for a while sadly. :(

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    Y halo der :D

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    no wonder i wasn't getting any new posts from you on fa you aren't there any more <.>

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    Wish I knew what's going on with you girlie, haven't heard news of you for a long while :(

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    I have no idea whatsoever if you are still using this place, but jeez it's been such a long time since I heard anything from you. Kinda missing you to be honest.

    If you're still on Skype hit me up sometime.

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    thanks fav

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      No problem

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    Thank you for the fav. ^^

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      You're welcome~ It's always great to see other awesome Pokemon artists for once