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I am the founder and currently only employee of Kayla's Kritterz. My art studio where plushies, fursuits, kigus, and more are created to my client's specifications.

I enjoy plushie and fursuit construction the most, as sewing is one of my more favorite hobbies. I work on commissions as fast as I possibly can, but retain the quality of my items. So please, don't rush me when it comes to your commission, I am getting through them as fast as I can manage.

If you wish to commission me, PLEASE read my Terms of Service before doing so! They can be found on my website, along with a care guide, and other important information! If interested in a commission DO NOT NOTE ME send me an email to

Latest Journal

Special Announcement! 1 FULL FURSUIT OPENING

You heard right!

I'm actually offering 1 full fursuit! I haven't taken one of these on in a long, long time and had vowed that I would more then likely never open for one again. But I've been having an itch to make one, and need to keep my hands busy!

I'm offering 1 full fursuit, toony only. Very little if any padding preferred, but willing to do digipadding if you really are hoping for that.

Not doing just a body. This MUST be a fullsuit consisting of head, body, tail, feet and hands. Head will be foam based, can have static or following eyes.

This isn't a first come first served!

I'm hoping to do a species I haven't yet done, but will take on canines too of course.

Creatures that will more then likely get a big YES LEMME DO IT:

Camel (Yes, I'm weird like that)
Bird (would be resin based)

Want to grab the slot? Email me with your reference!!

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    Your page banner and work are so adorable D:

    Great work

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    Thanks for the follow! I appreciate it :D

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    Love your work! The expressions on your plushies are just adorable :D

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    Hiii! :D

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      LoL hey Som! You're on here too eh? I'm not sure if I will be staying, not too impressed with this place yet. But I do like the fact that I can have my commission status plain as day at the top of my profile

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        Yeah, I kinda like parts of this site's layout. I have some minor issues with how this site runs on my browser though but I can deal with that. The commission thing is one thing that I love. It's nice to have it there instead of continuously posting journals about it.